Twin Flame Runner Or A Narcissist?

By Milica: Many are searching and hoping for their Twin Flame to enter their lives. Many ask me “Are they my twin flame? Are they the one?” Twin Flames are still rare on planet Earth. They represent a new template in love.

milica2 Twin Flames advance each other’s consciousness, and this can be a difficult journey, and many are confusing the Spiritual Twin Flame Journey with Narcissism. So how do you know if they are your true Twin Flame, or if you are dealing with a Narcissist? After reading this article you will have a much clearer idea of the type of connection you are in. You feel a deep spiritual connection with this person. You feel that they might be the one.

You feel like you have known this person from a past lifetime. You feel a deep spiritual, soulful connection. You can’t stop thinking about them. They seem to run away from your connection, but always return. The connection feels unbreakable. You are sure you will be connected to this person forever. You are sure this person is meant to be in your life for the rest of your life. People experience these feelings and this type of connection with their Twin Flames, but they also experience this type of connection with a Narcissist.

So how do you know who is who and what is what? A Narcissist is a deeply hurt and damaged soul. They have been so annihilated, usually early in childhood, which they completely disconnect from their true nature in order to survive, and they create a False Self to represent themselves to the world. A person like this cannot connect to their true self; their inner life has been disconnected and shut off. They then search outside of themselves for life energy and food for existence, as they have shut themselves off from their own existence.

A person like this is so skilled at presenting their false self to the world, that they can imitate and emulate anything they know you desire. A person like this will love bomb you and make you feel on top of the world, they will imitate your spiritual depth and present to you exactly what you are searching and hoping for in love. They will make you believe they are your soul mate, which you are meant to be, that you have the same life path, same spiritual intentions, that you come from the same soul family.

And because this is exactly what you desire, you will believe it. Until the Narcissist starts to show their true colors. They cannot keep up their False Self pretense for too long in a connected relationship, and all illusions start to fall apart. This is when you start questioning them, and they get worse. Quickly the connection degrades to one of manipulation and control. And even though you are starting to see clearly, you are still holding onto all the love bombing you experienced and the feeling that this was true love. You get all caught up and start having anxiety and you don’t know what is going on anymore. You even start thinking something is wrong with you.

Your True Twin Flame can also be a runner. But this is for different reasons. You will have a very deep, soulful connection, and all fears and personal incompletion and unhealed parts of us are brought to the surface. This is why Twin Flames sometimes need to separate in order to personally rise and heal and grow, before they can be reconnected again. They cause a rising in spiritual awakening for each other. And even during their separation the love always stays, it never fades, regardless of painful, personal, inner journeys they are going through. A narcissist on the other hand, manipulates you and controls you.

Their intentions are not as pure as you might feel or hope or desire. Their intention is to feed their own False Ego and False Self. They feed off of your attention and the energy you give them. If they can affect you in any way, and draw and cause emotional responses from you, they are receiving the energetic food that they need for their own survival. Their authentic self does not exist and has been shut down a long time ago. They cannot find food for their soul within, so they will find it without – outside of themselves – and do anything to get it, otherwise, they don’t exist, and they have no power.

So, again, how do you know the difference? How do you recognize your Twin Flame Runner, or a Narcissist? The KEY to this is tuning in to this – “Do they truly care about my feelings?” Your Twin Flame will run if they are not spiritually ready to enter this highly activating connection yet, if they still have work to do on themselves, and their deep inner incompletion, before they can be with you. But your Twin Flame will always truly love you and care about you and your feelings, even if they can’t be around you.

A Narcissist does not care about your feelings, they are incapable of doing so, because they are so internally disconnected and damaged. They will feed off controlling you and manipulating you and lying to you and cheating on you and all the negative emotional charge they cause for you. This is what makes them feel that they are worth something, as they can see they are having some kind of powerful impact on you, and this makes them feel that they have power and worth. It is really sad and horrific, but this is the way of a collapsed damaged soul.

The Most Important thing is You – that you realize the difference between true love and manipulation, a Twin Flame and a Narcissist, and if you have been unfortunate enough to have been caught up with one of these lost souls, Run as soon as you can. They will destroy you, doesn’t matter how strong you are and how understanding you are. Remember, you only got caught up because you are an empath, a genuine soul with a desire for true divine love. Forgive yourself, and get out. Remember that planet Earth is still in infancy when it comes to spiritual evolution of humanity. Twin Flames are a rare template.

Don’t expect it or look for it in everyone you meet. If you meet your Twin Flame in this lifetime, consider it a miracle. Don’t make it an expectation. Or the lost souls will sense your unfulfilled desires, and keep simulating to you what you are looking for, and you will keep getting caught in this cycle of illusion and these false love patterns. Go deep within, find SELF LOVE, find the kind of love you are searching for first within yourself, so that you are not searching for it outside of yourself, and attracting illusions of love.

Do whatever you need to do, go deep within, heal your own wounds, your own lack of self-love, learn how to love yourself without another, learn how to Approve of yourself so that you don’t need anyone else’s confirmation or support, only then will you clear your energy, so you can attract something genuine and true. Wishing you all a safe journey, finding self love deep within, drawing in your true soul family and true love.


Love, Light and Blessings,


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