Holding Space – Divine Love

By Milica: Can you hold space for something or someone to be in your life? You desire for something to happen, you desire for your loved one to enter a higher love space with you. They say patience is the greatest virtue. Good things come to those who wait. This is true. When you hold space for someone or something, you are holding space of Divine Love.

milica2 You allow the Divine to work its way through, you allow for something organic to unfold, you allow for healing, learning, growing, more understanding, more compassion, an increase in frequency for yourself and all, as Mother nature intended. I feel that the word patience does not fully embody its Divine value and meaning. Patience feels arduous.

Holding space instead helps you embody the understanding of self-transformation that you are going through by choice, whilst holding the space of unconditional love and understanding for yourself within and without, inside and outside of yourself, for yourself and for another. When you hold space, you are holding the space of Divine Love, without attachment to the outcome. You are holding space, not for your own personal benefit, but out of compassion and understanding. We all need time to grow and evolve, and perhaps you are holding space for a love in your life, but they are not ready for a relationship, or they are not ready to commit. They may have old deeply embedded hurts and painful past experiences that they havenʼt been able to clear yet, and this is stopping them from being able to connect deeply again. Hold space for them.

Hold space for them to heal. Hold space for them with understanding and compassion. Even if you do not end up receiving the love you desire, you have channeled the Divine to help this person along in their life. Maybe you are the first person in their life that has held space for them, and maybe you are the first person that is showing them that Divine Love truly exists. You are causing a beautiful transformation for someone, even though you may be hurting because you are not receiving that love back. Know that if someone is not capable yet of giving you that love, that it is because of their own makeup, their own incompletions in life and love. Know that you can hold the space of Divine Love for anyone, regardless of their shortcomings. Know that by doing this you are increasing your own frequency, evolving your own consciousness, and even though it may hurt and feel like there is no love there for you now, you are causing a major frequency shift for yourself and that person and for all of humanity. Know that your actions are Divine, know that you are allowing the love of the Creator to work through you.

Holding space is the energy of Divine Feminine Consciousness. Please understand, when I say Feminine I do not mean Female. We all have the potential to awaken feminine and masculine consciousness. Just because someone is female, does not mean that they embody feminine consciousness. Feminine Consciousness is the Yin energy, receptive, understanding, compassionate, allowing, passive, feeling beyond logic and beyond what the 3D world presents. Divine Feminine Consciousness allows for transformation and transmutation to occur, within oneself, and therefore for all involved. Women are biologically created to be able to easier access the Divine Feminine Consciousness.

Women are created with more connections between the two brains, and this allows them to access what is beyond logic much easier than men. However, awakening the Divine Feminine really depends on your own consciousness. There are more and more men awakening the Divine Feminine, and this is leading us into a more beautiful humanity, with more understanding, more compassion, more love. We all need to support each other to reach higher and higher levels and frequencies of the feminine. Men have been suppressed by the society, expected to be providers, doers, builders, supporters of the economic family needs. This has been a big block to the Divine Feminine awakening within men. How can you hold the space and grow and raise the consciousness that is beyond logic, when you are stuck in the 3D as a provider.

On the other hand, many women have been stepping away from the Divine Feminine in order to become more powerful in this 3D world. And our world has turned upside down. And the high frequencies of the Divine Feminine have been suppressed. We all need to help each other and allow and hold Divine space for each other to reach higher states of the Divine Feminine. The Divine Feminine Consciousness is the space of Divine Love. So many are searching and hoping and wanting this in their lives. Hold Space and continue to Hold Space for all of humanity to reach these levels. We are evolving and slowly increasing the frequency of Humanity, and this is our journey to Divine Love as One and All.


More compassion, more understanding, more Divine Love, a more evolved humanity, a better place for all.

Love & Blessings,


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