Being An Empath Vs. Using Your Third Eye

By Milica: Being an empath is something everyone is talking about these days. To be an empath means to feel and intuit others through your heart, which also means to read others through your own unhealed wounds, and feel and absorb othersʼ pain. When you use your third eye, you donʼt absorb othersʼ pain, you see clearly past illusions of othersʼ pain and can heal and guide others because of this clear third eye seeing.

milica2 If you activate your third eye more, you will also heal a lot of your own pain of existing by feeling everyone elseʼs pain.

Empaths have activated heart centers, and this is very rare in humanity as a whole. A very small percentage of humanity has an activated heart center.

We are activating though, and progressing. Being an empath means that you can feel love and compassion for others, animals, plants, the earth, the sky. empaths give a lot of love and attention to others because they can feel others. Others gravitate towards empaths because their own DNA recognizes that the empath consciousness will give them love, support, understanding, healing. However, the empath does not receive as much love and understanding back, because there is not enough empaths out there. The empath absorbs a lot of the othersʼ pain, yet they find themselves often lonely in their own existence with not enough love and support around them. If the empath is not aware of this, their existence can be painful and lonely.

When the empath is aware of this, they can empower themselves by activating their third eye more, and functioning from a higher space of understanding and higher consciousness past illusions.

To activate the third eye more from the perspective of consciousness, the empath needs to heal their own unhealed wounds. This is the key to rising in consciousness and going beyond own illusions to activate the third eye. Unhealed wounds are what attaches to other people’s pain, unhealed wounds are the illusion. If the empath uses feelings as a tool, and feels each heart trigger that pulls, these triggers lead back to the unhealed wounds within. Pay attention to these triggers, because they are what causes patterns to appear in life. The unknown, unseen wounds, the ones that are suppressed, repressed, projected, distracted from. To heal these wounds, go back to the first experience you remember of the same feeling trigger – that is the key to the moment you were wounded. Heal those moments by actually allowing yourself to replay them in your mind, which will release the original trigger that was created.

By allowing yourself to see it, you heal it. It is that simple. That is how the third eye heals self and another – by seeing what has been unseen – it is only the unseen that causes disease. When you heal your own original wound moments and triggers, you then gain experiential knowledge on how to heal from that particular experience – which then makes you a true healer for others. A true healer has experiential knowledge and uses the third eye. An empath can easily rise to activate their third eye, just by healing their own unhealed wounds.

Wishing you powerful breakthroughs with your own healing, and activating those third eyes!


Love Light and Blessings,


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