Heartbroken And Lost?

By Brett: Love and romance is something that we yearn and hold close to us. We tend to move in what I call cycles of wanting love, then we gain love, then we recognize that the love we found was not for us. Then we find the love we want, then that love moves on, breaks our hearts and souls. There is great complexity when it comes to finding love and holding onto love.


Some people feel that love is something that holds positive intention and is euphoric in many ways. Well, I must say love is not at all simple nor does it come with a rule book on how to manage, attract and/or live with it. Love is something we have to experience and that is why our souls come to planet earth so we can experience sharing, giving and receiving love. Love does have a negative side to it and  most certainly creates confusion and unsettled feelings about ourselves and others. Have you ever heard of the cliche expression “Love Hurts?”

Well the ancients and ancestors before us did get that right. Love doesn’t always go to plan and we must accept one and other’s imperfections, negative traits, bad habits, characteristics and when things go wrong, we have to ask ourselves is the love we have for another bigger than all these things? Can I forgive and let go of all the negatives, even the cheating? Can I move on with this person knowing that they haven’t been 100% committed to me? Can I forgive this person even though they hurt me?

If the answer in your subconscious is yes, then I wish you well and must say you will have hard work in front of you, however I commend you for your effort in giving everything a real go. Make sure you have a support person or team to talk to while you are going through this process. If the answer is no, then you need to release and surrender the emotions you are carrying towards yourself and the other person concerned and when the time is right you will move on. Yes, believe it or not, everyone is capable of attracting another relationship, partnership and/or marriage. It is through love that WE stay or go and It is also through love if THEY stay or go. The hardest thing is that when you love someone so badly and they have broken and left you. Where to now? Well, some of us can empathize with this and my heart goes out to you if you are experiencing this. Yes, you will eat plenty of ice cream in your PJ’s, watch heaps of movies or you will drink plenty of wine/beer at night to try to fill the void. If this is the case, don’t do it alone. There are plenty of people you can chat with as in friends, family and or just seeing a relationship or grief and loss counselor are ways you can talk it through. However, your way in how you deal with this will be your way. A broken heart takes time to heal and allow that time.

Be patient with yourself and don’t rush into another relationship so soon.  Allow yourself the time to heal. In this time as you are working through those emotions apply great self care. Get out and go for a walk every day, join the gym, find a social group and just try to get through life. Yes, there will be times you will remember him or her for sure. However, you must remember that this will occur and it’s a part of the grieving process. Yes, it’s grief and no one has to die to experience grief. Love is connected to grief and that’s why we grieve. Grief comes to show us that what we felt for another had meaning in our lives.

Listen to your heart when you are feeling heart broken and lost. Remind yourself that these feelings will pass and that in time you will find someone else if you choose and/or you can repair your current relationship as well. However, please remember that if you are not receiving love and are always giving LOVE – YOU must soul search and remind yourself that LOVE is reciprocal and yes you do deserve to receive love as you are giving it. Love must be returned for it, work for your highest good. Yes, you can get through the negatives in a relationship, however it takes two people to make a relationship work not one – Don’t do it alone! Find and attract that loving energy you deserve in yourself, current partner or future partner. You have the power to listen to your soul and recognize what is working and what isn’t in your love life. You have the free-will at any point to make decisions and choices that honor the love within and around you.

“You have to learn to get up from the table when love is no longer served”

– Nina Simone

As a certified Life Coach and Psychic I can give you the guidance on how to move forward. Thank you for reading my article on Love and I look forward to chatting with you on LifeReader really soon.


Love and Light,


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