Has Earth Gone Mad?

By Sarah: I’m sure many of you are sensing that something very strange is happening on the Earth right now – and you would be correct. Astrologers have known for some time that February/March 2023 would be a tsunami of energy, and this is meant to peak in early March.

It’s not only the Ukraine-Russia War, it has also been the Turkish earthquake and in our own personal lives many Light beings have been experiencing extreme events such as the unexpected death of a loved one or divorce or work redundancy. Whilst witnessing this incredible but turbulent shift in 3D earthly reality, it is important that we shift the trajectory using the frequency of our own thought energy operating out of love, not fear.


Be aware of where you are putting your focus and attention – seriously. If you focus in on 3D and the world news, you are certainly going to feel consumed with terror and experience an overload of fearful emotions as you observe events. There is so much happening and events are speeding up.

The key is to get yourself to a far higher place energetically – find your center and be at peace so that you can create harmony within your mind. This is when we are able to just observe and create – not allowing your energy to be shoved around by one event after the next. Yes, there will be moments of fear as one scary thing happens after the next – but you can refuse to accept this in your own reality field and shift to a higher state of awareness.

In this way, you can create a reality timeline that is separate to a fear based world and fill this timeline with compassion and empathy and wealth and happiness. Many of us are already doing this as I can tell from my friends and the many clients I talk with each month. Together we will create this beautiful hologram of peaceful living and caring for one’s neighbour as we are all interconnected.

Our physical reality is formed by the thoughts we have and this is why it is so important to be fully conscious of where you put your focus. View everyday as a 24 hour movie where you wake up as the star of your own show – and the director too.

Lift up your energy and turn OFF the news if it makes you feel heavy and dark. Go inwards. Focus on your breath and close your eyes. Shut out the Matrix even for just ten minutes a day. Move towards your heart and know that all is well. This will certainly lift your consciousness and it costs nothing but your time.

Everything is changing so quickly – especially with the introduction of AI – and many of us are finding it hard to stay grounded and our Ego is getting in the way at times. We know it’s all heading somewhere- but we don’t know where. Try not to focus on events or a specific outcome. Bring yourself back into the now. Gain control of your thoughts and emotions.
Start practicing manifesting. Every morning imagine one thing you wish to manifest. A banana, a ladybug, 222, a yellow VW buggy. And then see how long it takes to arrive. Its like going to the gym – you have to practice to make it your truth.

If you are experiencing this quantum leap in awareness and need some guidance on how to navigate this roller coaster if emotions and experience – pop in and have a chat with me. I can help you raise your vibration – and in this way as many of us as possible can access that place of pure Nirvana.

Have no fear – love has already won. We just have to go through the process.

I have found that the daily Russell Brand podcast is a great way to learn what’s really going on behind the scenes in 3D globally and Pam Gregory is excellent at guiding astrologically in 5D awareness. It’s all going to be fine. And you are safe.


Love and Light,


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