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By Sarah: From 26 May (Lunar Eclipse) until 10 June (Solar Eclipse), we have been living and experiencing what is known as ECLIPSE ENERGY. This is a time when our deepest thoughts and emotions get brought to the surface to be re-examined.

Many would have experienced emotional break ups and conflicts in conversations. This has been influenced by Mercury in Retrograde that kind of stalls anything we try to do correct and on time.

Over the next two weeks, the energy of the eclipse will start to get milder, and there are a few tips I have for navigating this period successfully and for your own benefit – mentally, spiritually and financially.



Be like the wise sages in the past and get yourself a beautiful notebook that becomes your book of dreams. Start writing in the book the date and the date of the past two eclipses. Then write down what has been going on in your life over the past month. I suggest that you do this because eclipses connect to each other in a higher space of time and energy. So when eclipses come, you can be forewarned that life is going to start getting shaken up and by starting this eclipse journal you can document your eclipse journey over the next five years.

Remember to also write down at least three main goals you have for the next 12 moon cycles and three main goals until the next dark moon in July. Manifesting all starts with visualization and handwriting is a VERY powerful manifesting tool. What you write down today should start manifesting in about 6-8 weeks.


It’s important that you do something using the energy of your body that is creative. Get into the garden and surround your hands with soil, pick up the crochet hook and learn macrame. Bake a loaf of bread (and put the initials of the one you love across the top – written using your fingers – an old love spell ) and knead the dough with as much love as you can. Cook a meal where you have to chop lots of vegetables and spices – just get your hands active so that you are connected to the energy of the earth.


Even if you don’t have any cash to spare – a walk around a crystal shop can be incredibly healing and it costs nothing. Alternatively you could go on a treasure hunt for 12 crystals that you are going to use to divinate – each crystal will have a divination meaning to you. If you are crafty you could make some crystal jewelry and sell it on Etsy. Or even set up a beautiful crystal grid in your home (lots of info on Google). Crystals are the wisdom keepers and their energy will leave you feeling empowered and strong. Remember – black tourmaline if you are an empath and people drain you of your energy (psychic vampires).


When you wake up in the morning, be fully conscious that you are connected to our great earth and that you have a purpose in life. It is important to remember that water from a bath or a shower can be blessed and made Holy and can be used to cleanse your energy shield that is around you. If you are a sensitive or an empath you may find that the energy of socializing can really wear you down and that a  hot bath or shower will cleanse and ground you. Try and regulate your emotions – never too up or too down – just grounding in the present moment.


It is important to open up the line of communication between you and your loved ones or close friendship circle. You will notice that those around you are also going through their own problems. In most cases – you will be the Light in their dark world. This light comes from around your chest area as it emanates from your Heart Chakra. Talk to your partner about how you are feeling these past few weeks and decide to work on some common long term and short term goals together. These next two week are perfect for couples to declare their love for each other and re-bond even closer.


This is so important – we live in such a technological world it is important that we spend time in nature as this grounds us. It connects us to what is really real and what is life force in this world. A walk in a park or on the beach – digging a herb garden or even making a window box garden is great for playing in nature. Make a fairy garden around the roots of your favorite tree, paint rocks and hide them in the forest. Come out of your shell and think of fun things to do that take you away from the online factor and technology.


However busy the world – for the next two weeks, take ten minutes everyday where you just shut yourself off from the world. Put your hands up – stop the world and self-realize. Become conscious of who you are and what you offer to the human reality you live in. Many of you will realize that at this point of time you are an Angel playing in a Devil’s playground – so how are you going to use your gift to enlighten and love the world? YOU have a purpose and no meeting is by chance or accident. In fact – you were meant to read this article because if you put the above into practice – you will find that at the end of the two week period you will feel so balanced, emotionally regulated, energized and focused. And this is where the true manifesting can begin. Remember you are a co-creator of your reality with the Universe on this hologram we call life. You have a purpose and a calling.

Please give me your feedback on how your life changes in the next two weeks. I would love to feel the energy for you over the next few months. You are more magnificent than you realize!


Much Love and Light,


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