GEN X – Is Your Life Upside Down?

By Sarah: The great paradigm reset is now upon us. If you are reading this article, understand it is not simply by accident. The world right now is experiencing a total paradigm shift- and you were meant to read this information as a sign that your name is on the wake up list.

So what does this mean in your own life? Working in the industry that I do – spiritual guidance and counselling – I am noticing patterns with my clients unlike anything I have ever witnessed before in my 35 years of spiritual work.

Society as it stands is collapsing and a new earth is being born. Collectively, people are breaking out of a fear based consciousness and realizing that their thoughts create their reality. That the Law of Attraction is very real.


Situations will be manifesting – good and bad – that will be causing an emotional response and forcing you to dig deeper into your soul. Controlling your reality will prove to be difficult and you will be forced to discipline your mind, have patience and turns inwards to become more self aware.

Long term relationship, marriages and love affairs will suddenly be breaking up. This is forcing the couple to find out who they are as individuals, thereby allowing them to be strong and courageous. No matter how much the estranged couple try to connect or communicate nothing will work until the individuals discipline their minds and turn inwards to face their own shadow. The shadow is the aspects of themselves that they were prefer to avoid as it destroys the ego and encourages a more humble approach to life.

Through no fault of their own, some people may be facing job loss and unemployment and stress levels will be high. Some may never have had this experience and suddenly find their financial security pulled out like a rug from underneath them. Having no way to urgently find another job the individual is forced to become humble, and ask family and friends for financial help.

Some may find their home bring repossessed or their car taken back by the bank for non payment of fees. And these things will be happening out of the blue to people who had no idea financial tragedy could happen to them.

Some people are experiencing unexpected deaths or serious accidents or injuries to themselves or to those they love.

All of these unexpected changes are happening in a person’s 3D human reality to wake them up to the true nature of their soul and the interconnectedness that we all have

Humans are so stubborn that only when brought to their knees will they submit to a greater force than themselves consciously operating in their lives. And so – the re- set button gets pushed and we are given a fresh canvas on which to paint our imaginative thoughts to co-create a better future with the Universe for both ourselves and the greater humanity.

The main lessons to be gained when things are totally out of your control – is to combat fear. You cannot have fear when you have no choice but to use the Law if Attraction in your life. Otherwise you soon discover that what you fear simply creates more situations for you to be fearful of! You can’t look down when walking on water.

When in absolute dire need – when there is no way out of a tough situation- we turn to prayer and this is the lesson we learn during hard times. To be grateful for what we did have and what we do have now. Prayer is the most powerful manifesting tool that we have to change our lives. Everything in this world is energy and vibration and to overcome the ego and to turn to prayer will turn your life around very quickly. Faith will be an important part of your souls journey. Simply lying in your bed before you sleep and closing your eyes and thanking a Higher Power for the miracle coming your way, can kick start a very positive new life journey for you.

For most of the Soulmates and Twin Flames being torn apart – they will eventually be brought back together again when the correct life lessons have been learned and the Ego has been conquered.

This is a time when spirituality can no longer be just a hobby. Some of you more evolved will be awakening to your own spiritual gifts of sixth sense awareness and you must not let this scare you. You may even take up studies or experience with various holistic healing methods such as Reiki or Reflexology. But all will realise that there is a massive awakening taking place on the planet.

This awakening needs to happen as society has been ruled by a Global Elite for too long. We need to use our intelligence and open up. Our minds and be curious. We need to get used to the coincidences, the double or triple numbers ( like 2:22 or 11:11 ), the feathers on our path and the coincidences as signs that the magic of the world – the true fantasia most of us believed in when we were young – is unfolding.

Many of the affected are in the Gen X age group ( 1965 – 1980 ) who have lived their lives and raised their children and suddenly their lives have been turned upside down. They have to find a new way going forward. This is the generation who moved on from the era of discontinued punk and rebellion. New wave and new romantic music. Boys suddenly wore nail varnish and make-up and music was revolutionary and aggressive in nature. But then life happened and Gen X became married with families.

But this awakening in their souls is now being churned up by having to face certain calamities.

If you need advice on how to adapt during these changing times, pop in for a chat. If you are coming for the first time you will get four minutes free and upon paying for a Reading longer than five minutes you will be rewarded with three free minutes on your next chat.

Bad times don’t last forever and I can help you balance out your life and manifest yourself back on your feet again, turning back to help others.


All you need are a few basic tips and the paradise and peace you are searching for will be your love and Light.

With Blessings, Love and Light,


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