Explanations Not Necessary

By Sylvia: Have you found that the choices you have made over the years, ranging from what we do, how we conduct ourselves and who we interact with, are all subject to questions and opinions of those around us? Family member, friends, partners and even total strangers like to put their two cents worth in.

At times these people will go as far as asking you to explain yourself for any decisions or choices you make in life. At times you may feel obliged to respond, but there are some things in life that are not really anyone’s business. Below are some things that you do not need to explain to other people, even though you may think you do. When this happens a lot of the time it is because most of what is said is very hurtful and judgmental that you feel obligated to defend yourself.


Living Situations
You don’t owe anyone an explanation for your living situation. Be it living with an ex, or living out of a motel room or living in a different state or country. Or even living with your parents when society feels that you should move out. You have made the choices that feel right for you so there is no need to explain to people who don’t get it why you live that way.

Life Priorities
When we live our life we have priorities that we work to. As long as these priorities are not hurting anyone and you are working towards them with passion and determination, then what you do and how you go about them is no one’s business but your own.

You don’t owe anyone an apology if you don’t regret your actions or if someone is wrong about something. Many people are quick to offer apologies to try to mend wounds or to try and appease people, especially needy people. If you don’t agree with their actions and you have said so leave it at that. You don’t need appease people just to make them happy. This will only make you miserable.

Alone Time
At times we all need alone time, even if it is just to recharge. There are going to be time in your life when you will feel anti-social, or just really don’t want to go to that party. Do what is right for you. If other people find this rude or aloof, then that is their problem. A person who truly knows you will accept this.

Other People beliefs
You really don’t need to sit in a conversation about someone else’s beliefs and sit there and nod in approval. These people are passionate and really believe what they are saying. You may disagree with them. Don’t be afraid to be just as passionate about your beliefs, after all we all have differences in how we see the world. At least when you speak up you are not bottling it up. Not everyone will agree, but that is okay, because at times you don’t agree with them.

Saying yes to everything
You don’t have to say yes to everything that people say or ask. In fact, learning to say no can be very empowering, especially if you are a people pleaser. By saying no, you are actually establishing boundaries and not allowing people to walk over you. If people are trying to be kind and helpful, but you feel this will not work for you, thank them and gently decline their help. You don’t need people taking you away from your goals.

Many people have allergies these days, or just prefer to eat differently for health reasons or by choice. You don’t need to explain to people why you don’t like certain foods, or why you can’t eat a certain food, these are your choices and in the end it’s your health you need to be concerned about, not everyone else’s.

Sex Life
What happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom! When and who you choose to have sex with is no one’s business but your own as long as both parties are of age and have each other’s consent.

Personal Life and Career
If you choose to stay single, get married, have kids, choose not to have kids, or be in a same sex relationship, that is your business and yours alone. No one should ever make you feel that your decisions are wrong. Who you choose too social with, see family, don’t see family, whatever you do in your personal life, is yours to choose. There is no explanation necessary. The same goes with your career. Whatever you choose to do makes you happy then go with it. No explanation required.

So if at any point you have had issues with prying people, politely tell them it’s none of your business and live your life the way that feels right for you.

If you would like some clarity on relationships or career or would just like clarity on a direction you feel you should take, please contact me on Life Reader so I can help you with your choices.


Love, Light and Blessings

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