Esoteric Energy

By Debra: There is an energy all around us. We thrive in the energy field around people, places,earth, trees, water, wind and spiritual energy.

Our senses are heightened by being in the right energy. For example, when we go into the forest and sit in silence. Listen to our breathing and let our minds wander. It is referred to as tapping into our esoteric energy.

debra2 Every time you put yourself in a situation that is not healthy for your personal energy you will notice it extremely draining. Your mind feels heavy and your stomach is in knots. By not following your energetic path you could be susceptible to both mental and physical health issues over time.

In Wicca, we call this “cutting the cords” and it is necessary to do this if you are wanting out of a negative situation. In order to do this effectively, there are certain tools required. Here is a list of items to get you started.

A purple or dark red cloth

A small space in your home that has minimal distractions

An abalone shell or some other large ocean shell

A wand made of sage for burning

7 strands of black cord/ribbon

An Athame or knife to symbolically cut the cords

A cauldron or burn pot

A white candle

7 points of quartz crystals of any size.

Let’s set the stage! First, you will lay out your cloth. Put your cauldron in the middle with the white candle in the center of the burn pot. You will then lay the 7 points all the way around the cauldron. This protects your work from attracting outside negative energies while you perform your ritual. Next up is to light your sage. You want to envelope your whole space and yourself with the smoke. Smudging is the ultimate cleanser. It does not require an exact time frame to be effective, just for as long as you feel it is needed. Now we will take the cords in both hands while we sit cross legged in front of our cauldron and put the negative intention into those cords. Close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths and envision the source of negativity you wish to dissolve. With your athame (or sciccors) cut the cords over the cauldron. Repeat the name or source three times. Let it set for 7 minutes. Then you will blow out the candle stating out loud “As above….So below” this statement confirms to the powers above that your wish is to be heard in both the spiritual plane as well as the physical plane we reside in.

It is always more effective if you perform a ritual on a Monday or during a full moon phase. Practice cutting those cords in your mind as often as possible. Your wishes will come true and your esoteric energy will be restored.


Many Happy Blessings,


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