Easter, The Celebration Of New Life And Birth

By Annelize: There are various different cultural connections to Easter. Some believe it originated from pagan festivities that are celebrated to welcome spring. In spring plants and trees become alive again, as well as new offspring arriving in the animal kingdom. The equinoxes and solstices were celebrated as sacred times. During Easter the spring equinox takes place where the dark and light times are the same. The patterns of nature were the guide people lived by. Eostre, was the name of a fertility goddess, the name for the month April. Eostre celebrated the fertility that accompanies spring, with symbols of eggs and bunnies. These concepts were part of new life, fertility and the new cycle of life. The egg is round, endless and there is a promise of a new life.

During the start of Christianity, Easter was associated with the resurrection of Christ, new life. After Jesus died on the cross, he rose again, showing that life can overcome death. This also symbolizes rebirth, renewal and the cycle of life and death. The egg for Christians can represent the tomb, and the cracking of the egg, the resurrection. In orthodox customs, the eggs that are painted red, represent the blood of Jesus on the cross. Easter could also be called the Passover, or Pascha, referring to the Jewish festival of Passover, where the Hebrews celebrate the exodus out of Egypt, and the passing over of the forces of destruction, sparing the firstborn of the Israelites. Also celebrating the lives that were saved.


With this background, we can take this time to reflect and get ready for new life, the birth of something new, and be open to receiving this in our own lives. The darkness is gone, the time for rest is over, the seeds have been planted and new life will emerge soon. We need to make the time to sow the seeds, water them and get ready. In our own lives, we need to realize that things end, and new things start. There is a death and a rebirth that takes place.

My question is what are you rebirthing in your life? Old relationships that have ended, and new relationships that will start. Past issues that you have worked through and released making space for new healthy habits. We need to let the old die, for the new to be able to come in, and death is a painful process. We fear death as we do not know what it entails, but we should look out to the resurrection of the new, of the infinite possibilities that lie ahead for us. Letting go, is hard, dying seems like the end, but then new life sprouts forth and amazes us.

There is a new surge of energy that awakes, that creates an expectancy for something to be birthed, we need to be able to tap into that energy, and use it to create and design our lives. If you watch a seed, you can see daily the growth, how it first bursts through the hard shell. Then it sprouts a tiny root, and stem. Growing each day, the stem reaches for the light more and more, and the roots go deeper to stay grounded. Leaves appear, fruit develops, and then seed develops until the plant is ready to go back to sleep again, repeating the same cycle. We are the same, we have to let old things end and new things awaken. We can produce so much fruit and seeds, and we can be fruitful, but we need to stay with the rhythm of life, the cycles, and the seasons.

No matter how or why you celebrate Easter, it will always remain in the spirit of new birth and new life as it has been celebrated for thousands of years, so tap into the collective energy that is available to you during this special time of celebration!


Have a Happy and Blessed Easter!

Love and Light,


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