Did you know that the majority of angel cards are oracles and not tarot? 

The definition of an Oracle is “To receive an oracle is to receive guidance, knowledge, or illumination from a mysterious source beyond the personal self.” An oracle will always give you something to ponder and think about, which allows you to make better choices for what steps to take as you go along your journey through life.

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That is the main reason I felt comfortable to work with them when I first began because I realized that all the messages were kind, gentle and well meaning. There is no hangman or death card in a deck of angel cards. Doreen Virtue has done a great job of taking the fear out of her card decks and hers are what I use most often. How wonderfully comforting to know that the messages will be positive and loving and helpful!

Also, to be noted, I surround myself, my cards and my clients with a white bubble of protective light so that only messages of the highest good will get through. My prayer (which I encourage you to use if it suits you!) is: I am Light. I was created of Light to be Light. I exist in a bubble of Light. Only Light can come to me. Only Light can emanate from me. The only ones welcome in my life are those who search for or come in Light.

I must say though, that just because the messages are helpful, sometimes the angels will bring messages through the cards of things that maybe we are not ready to acknowledge or accept yet. But know that when they speak of things like this it truly is in our best interests to give some thought to it. Imagine if we are still wishing of our long lost love and are so focused on them that we miss new opportunities to find happiness?

I have a very strong and reliable connection with the angels and with every Angel Card Reading I do, I am seeing and believing the connection even more. Because how can you not believe something that you know works? The more you know it works, the more faith you have, the stronger the connection becomes. For this reason I am fully able to trust the Angel Cards and their messages and then the art of deciphering them, working intuitively with them and being able to share the story that the cards have shown with the client, that is where the magic happens.

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Once you have had an Angel Card Reading, it also signifies to the angels that you are ready to work with them. Because of free will, this is a very important thing to remember. They will only connect with you and show you signs if you ask and are open to receive. After a reading many people report seeing butterflies, ladybugs, dragonflies, or birds that get their attention. Or the person they were hoping would call them, calls. Or the job they had been hoping for comes through or they get one better.

Speaking of jobs, a really great Angel Card Reading is for those that long to be doing something more than they are currently doing at their day job. Getting a Life Purpose Reading is SO helpful if you have any questions about what you are meant to do or, if you already know what your passion is but feel stuck in some way. I cannot tell you how many times these cards have been so accurate and just the message that person needed to hear at the exact time to live a happier and more authentic self!

Another deck of Angel Cards are the Romance Cards. These are for those who have questions about their love life, partner, and what next steps to take. I do not always have an easy time relating these cards because where love, you and the angels are concerned, they will always want you to look at the situation in such a way that is best for all involved. And you know the saying “love makes us blind”, sometimes we have blinders on to what is truly in our best interests and the angels will lovingly try to get you to see it as they see it. But on the other hand, if you come to me with a question about a specific person and it shows all good things, then it is important to trust in that. That is where faith comes into play. 

I also am able to tell through the Angel Cards, my intuition and my connection with Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron, the direction the cards are going. So for example if you ask “We had a great time together and now he has pulled away for a few days, will he come back?” and the cards are all of a positive nature, then the message the angels are giving is “yes, most likely”. But if the cards are cautious or giving warnings then maybe this is in your best interest that he/she does not come back. This is where having a positive Angel Card Reader is very important, because sometimes our job is to relay information that is not always the easiest to hear in the moment, but later on looking back, you realize how accurate it was and actually how helpful.

I love giving the happy news, the stuff that makes people so happy and filled with joy that we both literally want to do a happy dance once we get the message! Those Angel Readings are so powerful for both the client and myself and many a time I have walked away from giving a reading for someone just literally in complete awe of the accuracy and complete awesomeness of how the message was relayed. Angels are so much fun and love to be playful! I think it is a sign of the joy they are expressing knowing that we believe in them and are asking for support.

And of course, the fun stuff after a reading. Hearing the right song, words or conversation at just the right time. Seeing feathers. Asking a question in your mind and looking out at your view and seeing the answer on a billboard or the side of a truck or a license plate. Turning on the radio after thinking about a loved on and hearing a song that is oh so meaningful for the moment. These are all signs that the Angels are playing with you and are overjoyed that you are paying attention!

I’d love to have the chance to do an Angel Card Reading for you! If you have a question that you would like some heavenly advice on, let me know… I would be honoured to relay the messages to you!

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2 thoughts on “Did you know that the majority of angel cards are oracles and not tarot? 

  1. Catherine Walker

    But on the other hand, if you come to me with a question about a specific person and it shows all good things, then it is important to trust in that. That is where faith comes into play.

    Thankyou Sarah B. So many readings from various Psychics, Clairvoyants, Tarot readers and Astrologists had me totally confused knowing deep down heart, intuition and a gut feeling kept me and still does with the faith I hold. The above specific person shows all good things (my thoughts no matter what hidden anomalies I am aware of still know he is a wonderful man trying to find himself) Hence the sub-title in another window (Reason for Distance) also giving me stronger faith. Tears come with gratitude knowing I am not lost through obsession or lust. God Bless you. Catherine.

  2. Kevin

    I have bought angel cards I get four cards a month and I pay $ 36.00 dollars a month I really want to know how to use them I have instructions but I don’t understand it I have a learning disability and I believe in the angel cards.


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