Angel Messages – How to interpret their Meanings

Angels can bring us messages in so many ways so long as we are aware and open to what the messages are. So many more people these days are beginning to pay attention get messages and now truly believe and are comforted by the messages they receive. The Angels can be so creative and playful in how they get our attention.

The Angels work through nature and are able to cause animals to move and react to their presence, which leaves the impression that animals can see them. Just like babies and children under the age of 6 who can see them a lot more easily than we can.

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I loved asking my daughter questions when she was young and once she gave me a message from my deceased Uncle who had died long before she was born. She was about 4 years old and I was carrying her into visit her Great Grandmother who was ailing and I was feeling rather sad about that. She said, “Mommy, Uncle Norman said to tell you that everything is going to be OK.” I asked her “How did he tell you that?” She said, “He is sitting in the front seat of your car, he has a green shirt on.”

You know, I prayed to see him as I slowly turned around to look at my car but I did not see anything. I felt sad in one way, but to know that she saw this and described his shirt correctly because he wore green shirts to work everyday made me know that her seeing him was real.

In the days before my Grandfather died he saw Angels near the ceiling and in the corners of his room. He would look past me and say, “Sarah, do you see them?” And I told him “I will look, but I want you to know that even if I cannot see them, I believe you. I believe they are there.” And when I looked I saw nothing.

To me, these events in my life represent faith in the unseen. For me though, I am more of a feeling person than one who sees things. Which brings up the next way that Angels connect with us and that is through our thoughts and our feelings. Intuition is such a powerful thing and I pray that everyone learns to trust it at some point in their life. If you get a bad feeling about something, trust it! And trust the good feelings too!

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Angels connect with us on a thought level as well. For example: I was in line to go to a psychic TV taping and said to my friend who was with me “I wish I had an aura camera” And a man who was two people in front of us in line turns to me and says “I have an aura camera” (now I should mention that I do wish I had one but do not know what made me say that then, it basically just blurted out of my mouth!) Turns out that I had joined this guys meet up group months before, had never gone to any meet ups but, had become Facebook friends with him and only discovered the connection after the conversation began about the camera….

I find that this is happening a lot more to me now. Like if I am sitting next to someone I don’t know well, I will end up talking about whatever comes to mind and then they will exclaim “I was just talking about that earlier today with a friend!” And then I think “ahhh, ok NOW I know where that came from, they gave it to me”
And of course there are the signs of feathers, coins and for some lately they are seeing buttons!

There are the birds that will fly off their perches or wires right as you drive by as if they are putting a show on just for you.

Ladybugs, dragonflies and butterflies are all symbols as well. *Important to note that as you go along on your journey, the signs will change. Especially with these little flying creatures. Where once you always saw butterflies, the time will come when you see more dragonflies. Be open to the wonderment of it all.

Another way the Angels communicate with us is through our energy. When I go through the toy department of a store, the dolls that can make noise by pressing a button will go off simply by me walking by them. At first this really freaked me out, but now, years later I am used to it. And it happens every time I am near those types of dolls and stuffed animals. Lately, it has been the Halloween spooky things going off…soon it will be the Christmas stuff!

Angels can communicate through electricity, phones, TV’s, computers and radios REALLY well. I believe it is because Angels vibrate at a much higher frequency than us, which allows them to manipulate the electrical things because they too run at a higher frequency. They can make sure that emails and voice mails do NOT get to their destination if it was a message that would have caused strife in your life. I am so grateful for the times the Angels have stopped messages from going through. (I would find out later and realize in hindsight what a blessing it was.)

Angels can also answer our prayers by putting us in the right place at the right time to meet the right people who will either love us, employ us, befriend us or give us advice right when we need it.

How beautiful is that?

Have you experienced any of the things I have described here?

Please leave a comment below and if you would like to speak to me, you can do so through Life Reader, I would love to hear YOUR stories of Angel messages and help clarify the meanings for you!

I look forward to your replies!

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16 thoughts on “Angel Messages – How to interpret their Meanings

  1. teresa bane

    I truly believe that God has a special calling for our entire family.That has been spoken through the years either by prophesy or God showing someone in our family. I have been told that I have a end time ministry .My children are close to God. God shows them things almost daily but they don’t talk about it very much to me. My husband is really sick right now. He has been diagnoised with dystonia .No one can help him. We have been to specialist after specialist .I somehow believe there is something he is supposed to do . Could you tell me anything about our family and what we will be doing

    1. teresa bane

      I need to know what God is asking our family to do . My husband needs healing .My family needs to be brought together and to be closer and do the things that God is asking us to do. I also need healing . I have a AVM inside my neck at 3 C . it is inside my spinal cord so they can not do surgery. I know God can take this out for me. It has been a hard journey. My husband needs healing from dystonia. Thanks.

      1. Sarah B

        Hi Teresa,
        I am so glad to hear that you have so much faith. Faith will always comfort and support us. If you would like to connect with me for some Angel Messages, please go through the chat or text feature on
        Until then, please know I am including you in my prayers and Reiki distance healings.
        God bless you!

  2. sashi

    Hi Sarah, thanks for the beautiful messages , just reacently my beloved cat of 15 yrs had to be put to sleep from a aggressive tumour in a matter of weeks much to my daughters and my hearbrreak..we had no choice but let nature take its cause..few days after I was outside thinking and missing her badly and wanted to hold he againand asking angles for guidance..i saw I beautiful ,unique looking butterfly sitting right infront of me..i admired its beauty and jst thought it as a buuterfly and started walking inside and the butterfly flew infront off me and towards the house..later on it came to mind could it be cat has crossed over and she is fine??,,,,anoder time I looked towards the sky and was thanking the angles when syddenly the clouds formed in her perfert heart shaped!!!for about a minute..i thought I had gone nuts..i looked around to see if anyone had seen it too(was at a park)but nobody seem to have notiched it..was it for me only??

    1. Sarah B

      Hi Sashi 🙂
      The answer as to if that was a sign just for you is an absolute yes! I am so glad to hear that you got these signs and noticed them.
      Sending Light and Love to you.

  3. tricia byrne.

    Hi, I was on computer and this butterfly flew right by my face a few times then it landed on my head then on computer screen, then it flew round my legs,back up round my face and landed on my head again,it did this a few times then it disappeared.

    1. Sarah B

      Tricia, that is soooo cool! Hope it didn’t freak you out? (lol, my daughter is terrified of all things that fly, even butterflies, which is why I ask) Do you have loved ones in heaven that you think it might have been?
      Sending you blessings.

      1. tricia byrne.

        yes I have relations and friend that passed away,Before my friend passed away he said when he gone he would still always be around me, Since he died all the lights keep dimming and flickering for couple days every Christmas.

  4. maureen olsheskie

    Hi Sarah! Lately I have been seeing alot of 4:44 and 5:55 randomly..its kind of scaring me! also My sister passed away 2 yrs on Nov. 30th..and I have dreamt of a digital clock twice now and the same number comes up on it in my dream..02: 14???? not sure what this means I even thought something was going to happen in Feb 2014..but nothing! Anyways I truly believe in Angels and love your blog..and will continue to follow you! thanks for the insight! Maureen

    1. Sarah B

      Hi Maureen!
      Thank you so much for reading and following my blog 🙂 That makes me so happy! It is funny how sometimes we will get signs and then the time passes and nothing happens. I have always got the feeling that something big was going to happen to me around the beginning of September. Some years as the time approached I would be so certain it would be then. And still this past September the feeling lessened but was always there which leads me to believe that it is karmic related or that it is future related. What I do know for sure is that we have to trust our instincts!
      214 means: You are supported by the Archangels and Angels. Give them any cares or worries, because as your mind is illuminated with joy and faith, you attract more favourable outcomes.
      How does that sound? 🙂
      Have a blessed day!

  5. marilyn cote

    I was wondering if my son & his baby will stay in contact or is he going to give up & walk away, also my son & wife are trying for the last year to have a baby will it happen or not

  6. Cathy

    I have lost just about my whole family i keep my eyes and ears open for some thing to let me know all is well so far nothing not sure what to beleave in any more

  7. Deb

    I was going through a very rough period in my life. One night in bed I couldnt settle and turned around to see my Uncles face (we were very close), all he said was “It will be alright”! It scared the life out of me, but as my husand said he would never have intended to frighten me, but needed me to get the message. Since then I have been very interested in the afterlife, spirits, angels and the ability to read the signs. Also when my Aunt was dying, I went each day with my 2yo son to visit before he went to the childminder. On leaving the house he described a man in the garden on a bike, I nearly crashed my car trying to see, but there was nothing. I knew he was describing my Grandfather who had died many years prior. I felt relieved knowing that there was family there waiting for her.


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