What To Expect With An Angel Card Reading

I’d like to clarify exactly what an Angel Card Reading is. Many people who have had a reading with me have enjoyed the experience, thanked me, and have sent me messages later to know that the predictions from a reading with me came true. How wonderful to get some insight as to the direction your life could go and how grateful are those that heard their Angel messages loud and clear.

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It is SO important to come with an open mind and an open heart. You never know what the Angels will tell you but, of one thing you can be certain, it will always be told in a way that will be loving and helpful. Sometimes someone will ask about a relationship and if the 3 cards I get show a theme of being either positive or negative, it will help clarify the suggested path for that person to take. It is not my favourite thing to have to share messages that show you would be better off away from the person, but, in some instances it is the best thing to have happen in order to make room for the good things to come once that chapter of ones life is over. And I always do my best to give this news gently and lovingly.

Angel Card Readings are such a special way to connect with Heaven and many times the Angels will share with us something that we had never contemplated before. For example, if someone is asking about the direction their job will take and the cards come up showing education, then what the Angels are doing is showing that person that there are other opportunities available to them that they might not have thought of yet, and that going back to school is one of the options available to them in order to live a happier life.

Ultimately the Angels are wanting to share ideas with you in how to live your best life, give guidance as to what paths are options for you, and to let you know that you are loved and supported from Heaven, the Angels and from your crossed over loved ones.

If you come to an Angel Card Reading having your heart already set in stone, and made up with what you want to have happen, looking for validation of the decision you have already made, you are probably not going to get the response you want or, if you do get the exact response you want, you will probably still be looking for a way to debunk what the Angels have told you. Some people end up hopping from psychic to psychic until one says what they wanted to hear.

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Why not come to a reading with complete faith and see what transpires?

When someone comes to me and the Angels for a Card Reading and they come with an open heart and mind, it is amazing what happens. If a woman is asking about when love will come to her and she gets the card that says “Love Yourself First” it is so wonderful that the angels are wanting to let her know how truly beautiful she is, inside and out, and to let her know how worthy of love she is, and to do wonderful things to pamper herself, which in turn will help future love interests love her at a deeper level. For a woman who loves herself and knows she is worth it, will attract partners who will treat her with the same respect and love she is showing to herself.

And if she has come with an open heart, that message of self love will reach her and touch her at a deep level.

But, if she came with certain people and outcomes already decided upon at a heart level, she will be closed in thinking “if this psychic tells me who and when and how, I will believe her, and if not, then I am not going to believe it” then the beauty of this Angelic message to love herself first, will be lost on deaf ears.

Sometimes the things we want and long for are not what is best for us and our Angels are trying to open our minds to other opportunities to expand our lives and it is so important that we really listen to what the messages are that come through.

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For each time a person comes to me for an Angel Card Reading, the Angels are so happy to try to come through to you, to let you know that you are protected and loved.

Please be open to that so that you can acknowledge the Angels loving presence in your life.

Every time an Angel message is delivered and received, the Angels dance!

So, come for an Angel Card Reading with me with an open heart and we will cause an Angel Party! 🙂

How wonderful is that?

Have you ever had an Angel Card Reading? If so, do you recall the message and how it played out in your life?

I would love to hear your stories as well as have a nice long thread here that will show all who read it, just how incredible the messages can be if they are received with an open mind and heart.

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Sarah is a Certified Angel Card Reader and Reiki Master who consistently vibrates at a 4th dimensional level, giving her readings a positive and eerily accurate outlook. She has had 10 years of experience giving readings and is a positive force for good, and light and love in this world.
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