Are We All Psychic?

Just as all shoes are different, there are many types of psychics as well. It is important to learn what the differences are so that when you go for a reading you are connecting with the type of psychic you are hoping for.

A Psychic is generally someone who taps into unseen energy and is able to give predictions. They are able to answer questions you have about your future relationships, career, health, etc. They do not rely on any tools except for what they receive as either through a vision, hearing it, or sensing it.

A Medium is someone who can relay messages from dead people or spirits. They have the gift of tapping into the energy of deceased people who wish to connect with their loved ones still on earth. Mediums see, hear and feel the spirits and can give great detail that allows one to verify that they are in fact bringing through the voice of a departed loved one.

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A Psychic Medium is one who does both.

There are other ways that people tune into their psychic abilities and for many, when they have an intense desire to learn and grow their abilities, they will learn to awaken the psychic within. Oftentimes it becomes a great desire after losing a loved one and wanting so desperately to connect with them. Not everyone has “always seen and heard spirits” as we often hear famous psychics say. These days, because of the raising in consciousness of the entire planet, the raising of its vibration, and the thinning of the veil to “the other side” many more people are becoming aware of their psychic abilities. I have met many amazing psychics who grew into the ability that they never realized they had.

It begins with intuition and realizing that you “just know” some things and cannot explain how you knew. It begins with your instinct when meeting a new person and either instantly liking or disliking them, and then as time goes by you realize that your first impression is reliably accurate and that you really should trust in it more.

Then the synchronicities begin happening where you will think of someone and then your phone rings and it is them calling you. Or you think of a song and then turn the radio on and it is playing. Or you are working on a project and are unsure as to the best way to proceed and will end up overhearing a conversation between strangers and get the exact answer you need.

This is a great example of how people begin tuning into the energies of the unseen.

And that is when the Angels and Spirits will begin to communicate more with you. VERY important to stay positive, loving and trusting in your thoughts so that you do not attract lower energies or what I like to call “the mischief makers from the other side”. I highly recommend that you not be fearful and that you surround yourself with a white bubble of protective light, and make it your ongoing intentional boundary that you are safe and protected. That only the highest light beings get through to you and that only messages that are loving and helpful come through. I ALWAYS call in Archangel Michael for extra protection as well.

Many people at this time will begin to be more openly looking for ways to connect and bring messages through for themselves and others. They will find comfort in hearing of others experiences and will likely begin to use Angel Cards, and will feel drawn to different types of energy work. This will probably be something they had not ever been interested in before but now feel so drawn to it and have a spiritual awakening, the likes of which will change them forever. It is important to note that life is ever changing and that change is something to welcome and revel at the transformations that occur in ones life. In any way that I can convey to you that fear is the last emotion you should ever allow into your mind, I will try.

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Which brings us to trust. When you come to a psychic for a reading are you coming from a place of trust? It is very important to the natural flow of energy between the reader and the client that there is nothing blocking the energy. If you are doubtful and looking for proof and have your mind set on what that proof will be, you are missing the true wonder that happens when you just trust and allow. Not all the messages you get will make sense at the moment you are receiving them.

Sometimes the questions you have asked cannot be answered because it would violate the ultimate rule that allows spirit to answer or not and that is to do with “free will”. If the answer you are seeking will interfere with that, you will not get an answer. The great news is that many more people are gaining psychic insight, but we still have to respect the mystery that is life. It would be no fun if we were given all the answers, all the time.

Which leads me to the most exciting part of all and that is, that every single person is psychic. It is just that those of us that give messages have practised a LOT and during that time have seen over and over again the truth in the messages we deliver as time passes and our clients can return to us and let us know what transpired in the months following a reading.

For me personally, I have grown into this over the past ten years and yes, the desire was born when I lost both grandparents, my mom and my dad within 4 years and during that time my oldest son ran away from home at the age of 13 to a life of drugs and crime. I just could not understand how I could lose every single family elder and have my son alive, yet so distanced from me. It almost broke my spirit. So instead, I turned to learning and reading and experiencing all things mystical and spiritual. When I took my first Reiki class, I didn’t even know what Reiki was just knew on a deeper level that it was something I had to have.

I did feel a sense of fear around tarot cards before that (which tells me I lived during the time when one would be killed for being a witch) but once I found the Angel Cards and just allowed that connection to blossom, it really made me feel better.

And have you noticed in life that we have a lot of options to choose from but that some of the things that have the deepest meaning to us are things that chose us?

Thank you for reading and I would love to hear your experiences with psychics and mediums as well as your own spiritual growth.

How are you growing spiritually and are you learning to feel comfortable with it?

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