The Peaceful Persons Way to Deal with Anger

Are you a very deeply spiritual person? Do you try to demonstrate peace, love, forgiveness, acceptance, kindness, humour and wisdom as much as you possibly can? Please do not be too hard on yourself if you lose your temper sometimes.

Just because you are on a spiritual path, you are still a soul having a human experience and you WILL have these situations arise. You are going to scream sometimes and I want you to know that it is ok. The important thing to remember is that every single person and situation you encounter is either a blessing or a lesson, so if you do find anger rising up inside you, acknowledge it and then give it to heaven for transmutation.

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Year ago I had a person screaming at me and what they were saying was simply untrue. In that moment I had one of two choices… I could respond and scream back and try to get that person to see my side of things OR I could simply let them get the anger off their chest and not react. I chose the latter and afterwards, I was filled with a sense of peace. A good friend said “just because they are not speaking the truth in your eyes, to them, that is their truth”. (And our job is to change ourself, no one else!)

I have recently made a very conscious choice to live with love. I try to let this be my main objective in every situation and do you know what is rather interesting? It is almost as though the Universe is testing me by giving me some situations to deal with that need lots of love and for me to not react to them. It is a lot easier to write about, than to live through!

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But, by not responding, the other person has the wind taken out of their sails and I also ask for Archangel Michael’s help with it all. I have total trust in the angels loving and protective presence in my life and even received some angel signs today that all is truly well. Twice when I was approaching my vehicle the lights went on and the doors unlocked without me pressing the button, by just having the keys in  my hand. And when asking for a sign and then you get every single green light while going to your destination? That is a great sign that all is ok.

Let’s examine this a little further….You are a typically happy, joyous, and peace filled person who has just snapped and said something in the heat of the moment. What happens now?

If you are able to release it quite quickly and forgive yourself and the other person within a short time after the event, then that is truly wonderful! 
If you are able to stop and think “what did this encounter, that person, and both our behaviours have to TEACH me?” you are doing well!
If you are able to give the situation to God for healing while praying for the other person to have their peace restored as well, you are doing good!
If you are able to learn from that and see how you could behave differently next time that happens, you are helping to heal this world!

Because healing and learning is not a one-sided thing. It takes two to experience, learn and grow. You can be the way-shower or have the way shown to you. The important thing is to let it go, to learn from it, to forgive and get back to your peace as soon as you can!

How have YOU shown peace and love in a situation that was difficult?

I would love to hear your story!

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2 thoughts on “The Peaceful Persons Way to Deal with Anger

  1. josie

    Hi, I had been married for not more than 3-months. And my ex husband started to be very abusive towards me and my whole family and I tried talking to him of it. And but all that came out of his mouth was cursing words. So I let him yell and scream curse at us and later when I had the chance and all was com. I simply said to him we ether learn to get along or ill keep praying for you but we have to go our own ways. And we did go our own ways and I am doing much better now !!! Thanks to advice like yours I can read, enjoy thank you very much and GOD BLESS ALWAYS !!!!!!!! SINCERLY JOSIE,

    1. Sarah B

      Good for you Josie! So glad you honoured yourself and your feelings. Good for you for standing up for YOU! I know that breakups are not easy (even from those we need to get away from) so my heart goes out to you and I pray that many blessings of love and good people and abundance shower your life now!
      And so it is! (hugs)


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