Depression And You

By Ann: Let me begin by saying that depression is something you do not understand unless you have walked in another person’s shoes and experienced depression where you have experienced panic attacks. Anxiety is always thinking of negative thoughts and fearful of the life you live.

A client came to see me and she has been depressed for two years, the biggest thing in her life was about her boyfriend leaving her for another woman. She would cry over anything and she did not know why. She was so full of emotion and could not get on with her life and meet someone else. She was such a pretty and lovely soul. I guess when you think about this being a counselor and a life coach is not all a bed of roses you deal with in all walks of life. I started helping her understand that this was free-will and you could not make anyone stay with her if they did not want to. The experience she had at that time with her boyfriend came to an end and he moved on and turned over a page for a new chapter in his life. 


She asked me if he ever loved her. I replied, “Of course you spent seven years with him”. Then she asked why did he stop loving her? I told her, “He met someone else and he feels he is in love with her. often, we go on the wrong path and think it is better for us. But in the long term, we realize it is not them, we look back where we were and regret our actions and what we did. Not realizing the other person is left heartbroken.”

 She started reading the book “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise L. Hay, with life coaching and motivation.

 Her depression and her crying all the time are gone. It took one year for this to happen, slowly. When she finished with me in life coaching, her life began again, and she got work and had an understanding why she was depressed and what was happening to her. Often the case is we need to understand the emotions attached to depression, many people withdraw from society and friends and family. It is like being in a dark cave and believing you are safe there. Then on the other hand of depression, you take medication, to give you a helping hand.

When I lost my mother, she had ovarian and breast cancer. I was in Malaysia at the time my son phoned me and told me that she had passed. I organized a flight back to Australia, I can remember  the feeling I had because the last time I spoke to her was in the morning and asked her how is the pain. She said it was very bad, I told her, “You can go mum, your mum and dad are waiting for you.” When I got on the plane, I was numb, I did not see any of the people on the plane. When I landed in Australia my children were waiting there for me and my daughter asked me if I was okay. I could not speak at all. I knew that inside me, I was broken,

I was taken back to my dad’s house and my brothers and sister were there. All I could hear was my dad saying he doesn’t want to live without my mum. And he was heartbroken to see her. This added more sadness to me seeing my dad like this. When everybody left, I spoke to dad and told him. “You know I need you and I am being selfish but ,dad I love you and I will help you get through this”. He knew the work I did, and I told him he can speak with mum anytime and she would want him to stay around for his children. Even though I was suffering inside I pushed this aside to help my father.

I remember my mum asking me to look after him when he passed, I know how It feels to be depressed and broken, but I also know how you can get out of the dark hole you feel you are in. There is a way out, and do not think you are stuck. For years I helped my dad with depression. He would sit at the cemetery all day once a week because my mum was laid to rest there. I would arrive at the cemetery and sit there with my dad and tell him all the happy memories of my mum. Keep in mind they were with each other for 52 years, indeed a very long time.

I understand depression. I have lived it and embraced it and let it go. I understand the thought forms that go with depression, panic attacks and hot sweats and not feeling yourself. I understand through the help of the Angels and my beliefs and a lot of study on depression I became a behavior therapist. To be able to help others. My point is there is a way out of depression,  you are not alone all you have to do is reach out to a person you can trust or see a counselor or life coach, I understand we live in troubled times and through these times a lot of people will be depressed and need someone to talk to. With the epidemic, the lockdowns, social distancing and the people that have passed through the epidemic. A lot of people will be suffering and we all need to understand depression is going to play a big part in the world and people’s behavior will not be normal through sadness and grief. Try to have the patience to listen and help where you can.

My prayers are with you.


Blessings, Love and Light,



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