Believe In Yourself And Your Special Destiny

By Carmel: We all need and want special relationships and most of us seek a soulmate or love partner to share life with as well as fulfilment with children and family, yet is it still very important to have a good relationship with ourselves? I emphatically believe the answer is yes it is, and is it very important indeed that we know and believe that!

One special secret that life seems always to teach us is that the more you really believe in yourself and am comfortable with the person you are, the more you radiate the warmth and soul energy towards life that attracts others to your side, and finding who you are is a special part of destiny.


During the course of many readings, and from my own personal life experience, I know it is really a strong part of self healing and discovery to like who you are and to believe in your special destiny path, but how do we find the peace in ourselves to really be who we are and like that person?

First of all, one needs to find a peaceful part within ourselves where we are at one with the destiny we are living in the now, not yesterday nor tomorrow but right here this moment.

All of us have in us a spiritual destiny and finding it can be a joy, but to do so we have to learn to let go of toxic or difficult situations or relationships and embrace the new world we have both within and without us when we do that. Surprisingly, it is the letting go of the past that many find the most difficult, and I have worked with a number of clients to release them from the entanglements of the past that haunt them and stop them from progressing forward. It takes courage to find your own path and rhythm and find the strength to go onwards, but it is always better than remaining in a past life that cannot sustain you.

Finding your path after a break up or relationship ending can be difficult and you will need courage and fortitude to work through it and the right people at your side or to work with, but when you have learned to accept that our lessons in life are there for a reason and that we are all students on this journey with no need to compare our lives or destinies to others, that is the time when we are ready to take off and fly. Many clients I have worked with have done just this and you can too.

The very first important part of this journey of self discovery is to believe in yourself and your spiritual destiny and from that first step of hope towards believing in the very best one can be, we can move to the next phase of finding and regaining faith within and our real passions in life again. One thing I know is that we need to love who we are in this life, and we need to honor our special part of this whole dynamic we call life and learn fully in this life to do this or we may return again and again on the karmic wheel until we do.

The first step towards believing in your special destiny is to believe in yourself as a unique soul being with characteristics and attributes that are especially yours. We are sometimes taught these values in a loving family network, but most often, we learn to understand in these concepts when we are open to learning about the true power of spiritual faith and the real value of self love. I believe you are in some ways you are your own best teacher in matters of spiritual growth, but only when you are open to learning what you need to know to grow. Mentors will appear in your life when you need them, but you can only recognize their worth to you when you are ready as a student.

Once you have accepted who you are as a spiritual being and begun in earnest your pathway to your own enlightenment in that way, you will be ready to embrace your real passions in life and find the best person or group to share that with, but you will always have an ally in someone you should get to know very well, your own self, and will believe that you deserve respect and love in life and that others will agree with you if you hold that truth within yourself.

Begin by putting aside a special, but regular part of the day to meditate or just be quiet for a few minutes. I find in workshops that some of us prefer silence when we meditate where others prefer to listen to music or a meditation tape. Practice it regularly and you will find you look forward to that part of the day. Find a space where you live, whether it is inside or outside to go to, to just relax and breathe in some peace in your life. Learn astrology or study a therapy or healing modality that you enjoy, whether it is for a vocational reason or just for self development. Make a ritual area in your home where you can use crystals like Rose Quartz and Howlite to evoke healing vibrations and use healing wands of crystal and sage incense to clear your space. Keep an open heart, and a positive attitude and you will meet others who are on this journey with you, and believe in spiritual healing as you do. Special animal totems or real animals may enter your life who you will find a powerful connection with and find comfort in, or you will experience joy from positive insights as you open to the messages of spirit.

As you begin to heal on your spiritual discovery journey, it is common to find a passion or an area you love to create with whether it is art, photography, writing, or another hobby or teaching what we know or have experienced. It is amazing what one can find within oneself once you are ready to clear the past away and begin to care for who you are. The wonderful part of spiritual awareness is that its gifts are truly endless and include loving relationships of the kind you are truly looking for but it is very important that you first learn the lessons of self love and respect as with that respect for self, a whole new world of opportunity awaits us!
Should you wish to discuss any of these matters with me, or ask about your spiritual or love destiny, please do not hesitate to contact me here at Life Reader for a Chat or a Call.1carmel2

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