Be The Best Version Of Yourself

By Lina: There is no magic formula for creating the best version of yourself, but the best way to start is from yourself! You were born with the ability to be your best “Self”. As soon as you understand that you have the potential to change, you will be ready to create a fantastic version of yourself. Following you will find some tips that can be adapted to your life, your person and the type of personal growth you are looking for. I have tried them on myself and I realized that they worked on me, or I would better say, they made me work! To be successful you need to find your motivation, your goal, and live your life to your full potential.

Even if life can be intimidating, we must stop being afraid. You will be surprised from the results you can get. If you have never applied for your dream job, never ask your dream girl out, or book a flight for your dream vacation, you’ll never know how it would go. There is a reason why in our life we are surrounded by family and friends, because when things don’t work out they support us by pushing us beyond our comfort zone. When your opportunity takes you out of your comfort zone you are already on the path that will lead you to be the best version of yourself.


Being honest with yourself and others will definitely get you far in your life path. Even if you are the only person who knows your lies you still need to be prepared to live with it. Your life will be easier if you are honest. Set yourself honest goals, don’t be unrealistic. Start small and as you build, don’t prepare yourself for frustration and failure. Every day you always go one step further and over time you will learn to be honest with yourself.

Choose the people, activities and things that make you happy and get rid of the rest. Nothing is more a waste of time than spending time with the people or things that make you unhappy, unsatisfied. Life is too short to be made in drama, bad decisions and unhappy days. Make sure you set time for yourself.

And this can mean simple things like:

• Sleep an extra hour
• Do yoga
• Meditate in the morning
• Have a cup of tea while watching the morning news

When you realize that you are not happy doing something or that you deserve a better use of your time, get rid of everything that causes you to have this feeling. Stop wasting your time and start living your life fully.

• What do you like to do?
• What you like to eat?
• What kind of people do you spend your time with?
• What life decisions have you made that changed your life?
• Did you make these decisions quickly or did you slow things down and seek advice from people close to you before deciding?

Your answers are the clear expression of the person you have become, probably 10 or 20 years ago you wouldn’t have answered this way.
It is fundamental to accept that we are always evolving, changing, growing; We all eat different foods over the years, wear clothes that follow different styles, hang out with different people and make decisions that don’t always concern ourselves alone. But this is life and the moment we realise that life is our responsibility, that the decisions we make are who we are, that’s when we are aware of ourselves, that’s when we learn how to love ourselves unconditionally and that’s when WE KNOW WHO WE ARE, becoming the best version of ourselves throughout our life path and personal growth.

It is through your brain that you are in control of everything you do. It is your brain that has the power of command, whether this happens in a conscious or non-conscious way. When you judge yourself negatively, unable to reach a goal or not fit and pleasant enough, your brain is talking to you. Try to eliminate these negative thoughts from your brain, turn pessimism and negativity into optimism and positivity. Just as you taught your brain to read in elementary school, drive in high school, pass an exam in college, manage stress in everyday life, so you can teach it to think about yourself and others in positive terms. As happens if you keep making the same recipe, singing the same song, repetition is necessary if you want to change your habits and improve the dialogue with yourself. Keep telling yourself that you are extraordinary and that you deserve the best life partner in the world. Tell yourself that you are capable of achieving your goals. Don’t fight for anything other than your success and making the best version of yourself.

It’s always better in life to take things slowly, to do not rush important decisions, to don’t stress out yourself but to take time to process things.
Every now and then you will feel like you are losing your balance, you are losing the connection with your inner self, that no matter how hard you try, you cannot make it right, you cannot feel complete or satisfied. It is normal, it is because in the rush of our busy day, we lose the focus, we forget that we have to take care of ourselves. Finding your balance can be hard as climbing a mountain or easy as taking a bath, it is your own decision, it is you that decide if you are ready to find it! Whenever I feel lost I like to lay down under the sun, if I can go by the sea, even better. I turn my favorite music on and I stay, I just stay, I take 10 minutes only for myself and I try to absorb the energy the sun is willing to give me!

Find your own inner peace, find what make you feel balanced, find what make you feel complete and happy! That’s how you will find your BETTER SELF.


Love and Light,


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