Are You The Queen In Your Life?

By Sofia: Over the last several years the word Queen became popular on social media. Expressions like “Be a Queen”, Queens support Queens”, “Queen Squad” etc. have become extremely popular, especially among young women. Why all the sudden women are called to be Queens? Who is a real Queen and what is her true calling?

For centuries, under patriarchy, we women lost our true essence. We forgot what it means to be in our true power. A lot of terrible things have happened to women just because they were women. Until finally, very recently in history, we got back our voice, freedom and strength. With the rise of the feminine and the gradual shift to matriarchy, women are now called to take responsibility, collaborate and heal the world with our deep wisdom and intuition. We are called to remember who we really are, what is the role of the divine feminine and ascend to a higher vibration. 


Women are now called to be Queens. Women who stand strong in their power. Yet, as fascinating as it sounds to be a Queen, the truth is that a lot of us still act our Princess archetype. The Princess is a (young) woman who hasn’t yet discovered her true inner strength. She is sweet, fun, excited, romantic and approaches life with innocence. She is self-centered and has a sense of entitlement. Though she may have social status and recognition, she is often in need of help and she is hoping for someone (particularly a lover) to save her. She refrains from taking responsibility for her life and she allows or waits for others to determine her destiny.

If the Princess archetype sounds familiar, particularly in regards to your love life, don’t be so hard on yourself. After eons of abuse, trauma and captivity that women have suffered, many of us still heal deeply rooted wounds that are imprinted in our unconscious. After working with numerous extremely smart, successful and aware women over the past years, I came to realize that a lot of us suffer from self-doubt, co-dependency, fear of prosecution and abandonment in a modern world. Somewhere deep inside we still believe that a man (nothing against men by the way) will save us and hold the solutions, since this is what we were experiencing as women in our consciousness for eons.

Deep healing and awareness is required for the highest good of the feminine. We women are now called to erase the negative imprints affecting the relationship with ourselves and others. In the collective consciousness of our existence, we still remember the Queen. The Queen archetype is a woman of earthly power, wisdom, grace and integrity. She is the representation of female sovereignty, a leader and an influencer. She is warm, kind, compassionate and understanding, but she doesn’t negotiate her worth. She is assertive, confident in herself and truthful. She is there to support and creates alliances with other women. She has vision, purpose and a queendom to rule. 

It is of highest importance now we all step in our divine feminine, see our inner truth and take responsibility. Be open to transform from a Princess to a Queen. Be ready to heal and transcend. By healing you, you are healing your love life and the world. We are all one. 

“I am a Queen because I know how to rule myself. My spiritual discipline is the key to my Queendom”. 

Love, Light and Healing, 



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