Are You Absorbing Other People’s Negative Energy?

By Lumiere: Have you felt exhausted right after the arguments? Did you ever feel weak immediately after a breakup? Does your heartburn whenever you felt betrayed? Do you have butterflies in your stomach when you are being cornered for something that you did not? Have you ever felt really sad when you see someone else in pain?


Every time a negative situation happens to you, your body will immediately react to it. I will never say it was easy to get out of this negative situation for most people. In fact, we are all humans. We love, and we get hurt. We are all the same.

The thing is, ‘Energy’ is a very magical thing that ever existed on Earth. You may not be able to see it, but you can feel it when you trust your intuition. If you have studied science as one of your subjects, you will know that energy can be transferred in different forms, such as temperature, electricity, wind, sound and many more that you can name, which also includes ‘Negative’ energy.

In a situation, it consists of aura. As humans, we are very sensitive to energy. For those who are not very strong at controlling how energy flows in their body, they will easily absorb other’s aura that was given out. For example, when someone faces an argument with their partner, the partner transfers the negative words, tones, and actions to him. As he may not be very good at handling situations like this, he absorbs those negative feelings that are given out and remember it in his heart. When the argument ends, the negative feelings are still going in his mind and heart. If he does not stop it early, it will easily spread from the heart to other parts of the body. He may feel heartburn, then migraines, shoulder pain, back pain, and other areas. And, these negative feelings are energy that is being transferred from the partner to him.

For most of us, we do not know if we have already absorbed others’ negative energy and may get lost in our own minds with these energies. So, how can we identify if this thing is happening to us? With the observation that I have done on people that I know, here are some symptoms that I would like to share with the readers and check how many have you gotten:

  1. Some part of your body feels pain/burning.
  2. You have insomnia or disturbed sleep.
  3. You feel nothing is going well for you/The world is going against you.
  4. You are often absent-minded and forget what you were doing just now.
  5. You do not feel like talking to anyone about the situation, because you are not ready.
  6. You kept rewinding the situation that has happened to you in your mind, and every single thing reminds you of it.
  7. You felt lost and hopeless as you do not know how to move forward.
  8. You feel moody for a period of time and nothing makes you happy, even with your favorite cheesecake and cartoon show.
  9. You try to keep yourself occupied as much as possible.
  10. You feel like lying on the bed or do nothing for the whole day.

If you have 0 of them, I see no problem with you because you are very good at controlling how energy enters and get out of your body.

If you have 1 to 4 of them, the negative energies are just starting to flow in your body. Most likely, you know how to control your emotions and energies before it even happens. You can always talk to someone that you trust to get rid of the mood. Be open with your problems and share it with them. You will be surprised when you realize you have so many supporters out there for you. Do remember to do leisure activities and go for a vacation to your favorite place!

If you have 5 and above, the negative energies have emerged with your body. You need to be healed before it goes all over to your body. In order to unblock those energies, you can opt to go for a healing or spa therapy for the physical part. Let the energies be unblocked so that the good energy flow through your body and mind. Give it some time to heal. Talk to someone that you trust and do things that make you happy.

If you have 10 of these, it means that the negative energy has flown all over your body. You will need to speak to someone professional about this and get some therapy. It can be a counselor, psychiatrist, therapist, or religious leader. You need to be healed. It will be better for you to go for Reiki healing to unblock those blockages and have someone with higher minds to guide you on your way. It will be easier for you to sort out your way as you work together with someone, rather than doing this alone. One of the best ways to get better is to help the less fortunate people or animals. It will definitely make the negative situation smaller and help you to look forward to more in life.

From my experience, those who get themselves up for each time they fall, they became a stronger and more confident person. They are able to deal with more things in life and they will continuously learn from the situation. The mind is a very powerful thing. It can influence how you want your life to be like. If you believe that you are a superman/superwoman, you will be a superman/superwoman. If you want to be a genius, you will be a genius. 

Never let failures disappoint you and take away your hopes. Let it be a learning process and be a better person for nobody, but yourself. Accept who you are because nobody has the right to tell you what to do or become. You are always a winner in life since the day of your birth. 

I hope with this message, it will help more people to forgive and love themselves better. 

Go and find a healer to clear your blockages and be who you want to be again!

Happy New Year!


Love and Light,


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