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Links her energy to your energy field.
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About Lumiere

I am a psychic reader and healer. My specialty is on clairvoyance so you can ask me anything and I will tell you what you need to know. As for my tools, I will use Chinese astrology to check through the information such as your birth dates or finding an upcoming auspicious date. My goal is to move you at least one step forward on your life path, I am going to provide you with all the clarity you need to understand your situation. You will know when change is coming. I will provide you emotional balance and empowerment. I am straightforward, honest and go straight to the point, and most importantly I aim to make the most out of our time. I am here to bring you peace and strength through the reading. I can help you see the pitfalls and the glorious choices that lie before you.

I am a psychic by accident as I was practicing Qi Gong for a month. My third eye was opened and it changed my entire life. I was able to see aura, energy, spirits and people's minds. When I just started as a psychic, I provide both clairvoyance reading and healing service. It made me happy to have returning customers as they felt that I have been very helpful to them. I will help you find your true calling and to understand that every problem has a solution; no matter how overwhelming the issue may appear to be. I connect rapidly to deliver fast-paced messages about life, work, romance, spirituality, dreams, the future, and any appropriate adjustments you may need. 

As for my aim here, it is to help people with their unsolvable problems. I will link my energy to your energy field, even though we are many miles away. This will allow me to see and hear what is happening around you. I will explain to you about the situation and ask for guidance from your guardian spirits to provide you the best solution. On top of that, I will send energies to heal the 'injured' aura that you have on your body currently. We cannot change the course of the wind, but we sure can adjust the sails! A balanced mind, body, and spirit will take the best roads by natural instincts. I will deliver compassionate and uplifting messages about your past, future and present.

A psychic reader must always be respectful toward other's opinions and ensure their satisfaction by the end of the reading. I will always be your listening ears and check through every question you have on mind thoroughly for you. I am open discussing whatever concerns you. I will help you find clarity, comfort, and a sense of direction.
My Experiences:

Psychic Reader
Qi Gong Expert
Psychic Healer
Expert in Chinese Astrology

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