Angels Can help You Find Your Life Purpose

Imagine back in biblical times, Angels were seen regularly and when they gave advice, people listened. Like Joseph marrying Mary and then following the star to the manger for the birth of Christ. Pretty fantastic. And on the other side of that, the 3 Wise Men also following that same star out of divine guidance.

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Now imagine in this day and age if a person were to see an Angel and were guided to do something.
What would the person having the experience think? 
What would their friends and family think?
Would they follow the advice? 
And if so, what would the outcome be?

Chances are most likely that the person would not trust the message or not take the advice out of fear. But then this also leads us to the next question which is:

Why do we not believe that an Angel would come to us in a dream, a vision, an instinct, or a sign? 
Why is it easier to doubt than to believe?
What must the Angels feel about how we as humans have shut them out of our life experience?
How many of us pray in times of need but do not think of Angels as friends?

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How joyful they must be when we acknowledge their presence, send them love and gratitude and pay attention to the signs we are given!
So many of us are opening up to their presence and a really wonderful way to connect with them is through prayer, meditation, music, writing, and with Oracle cards. Oracle cards allow the Spirit World to guide us on our path as well as to allow the Angels to give us the important messages we need. It is very common in card readings regarding a persons Life Purpose, to be shown in the 3rd spot, exactly what their purpose in life is. Many times this is something we know at a much deeper level, yet have suppressed. But, if we are able to incorporate it into our life (even if it is not our primary source of income) we will be more joyful and thrive as we allow our purpose to be something we do every day instead of something we dream about every day.

I absolutely LOVE working with Angel Cards and honestly had no idea I would be doing it every single day for people around the world like I am now. I have studied and read my own cards and given face to face readings for years. Going online with it has been a whole new and wonderful experience! But do you know how I was led to even DREAM of it a tiny little bit, and then plant some seeds towards making that happen? I read my Life Purpose Cards and the 3 cards I got were teaching, oracle cards, and community. That told me that I would be sharing my knowledge with others, working with the cards and in an ever growing community. And I trusted it even though I could not see it. 

Do you KNOW what your Life Purpose is?

If you don’t and feel like you WISH you knew, I encourage you to think back to what you loved to do as a child because that will be your first clue as to how you could spend your days doing something you truly love.

Also, do things that make you happy and passionate…. Because Passion always, always, always leads you to your Purpose.

If you would like to know what the angels have to say about your Life Purpose and cannot get that answer on your own, I would be more than happy to connect with you and the angels and give you a Life Purpose Reading. It just might be the BEST thing you ever do. Imagine getting that extra support and guidance to take the path that will fill your life with purpose and the joy that comes with that.

Have you had angelic guidance that you have followed that has made your life better? 
Please share your stories below as a way of thanking and honouring the Angels…

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Sarah B
Sarah is a Certified Angel Card Reader and Reiki Master who consistently vibrates at a 4th dimensional level, giving her readings a positive and eerily accurate outlook. She has had 10 years of experience giving readings and is a positive force for good, and light and love in this world.
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8 thoughts on “Angels Can help You Find Your Life Purpose

    1. Sarah B

      Zandra, the message that came to me was for you to love yourself first and to find hobbies to do that you love. As you love yourself and do things you love, you will attract love!
      Sending you Light and Love

    1. Sarah B

      Hi Cathy! The very best thing to do when you are looking for someone is to ask the angels to get them to contact you! Trust me it works. There was a time in my life where no one had heard from my mom in about 6 months and my grandma and I were getting worried about her so I prayed very hard and asked God and the Angels to get her to contact me. (I only half believed in Angels at this time) And do you know she called me the next morning? I asked her “what made you call me?” She said she just had the urge…… I imagine that? So, please, ask your Angels for help and please do let me know how it turns out!
      God bless you!

  1. Fran Lagrandeur

    We are in a difficult financial situation. I ask God and the angels to help us rectify this situation. Do you see this happening.
    Thank you

    1. Pat H.

      Hi-i have recently been learning so much about the metaphysical – angels included! Can you tell me if my secret wish for the future will come to be? I
      feel so sure I am following the right path each day but maybe I am being impatient?? It would be so good to know if my hopes and dreams will materialize. Thank you so much for your time. And can you tell me what you believe to be my Life Purpose?

      1. Sarah B

        Always trust in your intuition as you are doing. And if you would like a Life Purpose Reading with me, please do come for a chat with me through Life Reader. If you are a first time caller, they have really great introductory rates 🙂

    2. Sarah B

      Hi Fran,
      Continue to pray and to take action steps towards overcoming your situation. Action steps are so important!


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