Age Of Aquarius 2021

By Sarah: Enter 2021 with a sense of calmness and stillness. Be conscious during this year of what it is that you really want out of life for it is these wishes, which will steer your ship in the direction that you are wanting it to go.

We are certainly at the mercy of our thoughts, so rather choose the good ones. It is our thoughts that create our reality – even more so now that we entered the Age of Aquarius on the 21st December when Jupiter and Saturn entered the House of Aquarius. As we delve deeper into 5D reality we need to understand that thought is energy and it paints the picture on the blank canvas of the new year ahead of us. Seek out a beautiful notebook and write down three main wishes that you have for 2021. This will be your skeleton plan for your life this year. Keep filling up the notebook with positive intentions and see how quickly they manifest for you.

1sarah6If you are feeling deep emotion, good or bad – feel it, live it, but allow it to flow through you otherwise you will get caught up in the emotion and stop living life to its fullest.

We have had a lot of time this year to sit back and reflect on the things that we like, the things that we don’t, who we can trust and who we can rely on when the going gets tough. It is important that you decide for yourself what you have chosen to bring through with you into the new year. Does it serve you well? Will it empower you going forward? Try your best to make peace with your past knowing that even though it may not make sense at the moment everything happens for a reason and you need to let go and trust in the divine process of life. Timing is everything.

Do not be surprised if you suddenly start to move away from old friendships that no longer resonate with you or serve you in a positive way. As people are evolving and becoming more conscious of their thoughts the Aquarian Tribe of like minded and positive souls are gathering and being brought together. You may even find that relationships begin to run stale as you now longer have any connection with their toxic belief structures or drama that is unnecessary or fear based. Release and let go of these connections and understand that it is just a natural part of our evolution going forward in this wonderful Age we are living.

We have a powerful ability to connect with others so lets make sure we uplift and empower each other as much as we can. We do not know what inner battles another person is facing so just be kind. Wish other people happiness and hope – encourage them to break through the glass ceiling of their dreams and goals. As we move more into a 5D reality we realise that if we can imagine it and if we can believe it then we can manifest it into being. This goes for both the good and the bad things in our lives which is why it is so important to only focus on the good stuff – because it’s actually MORE good stuff that we need in our lives – right?

Nature is so very important in our lives no matter what season we are in. It’s important that we get in touch with the ground and the earth, taking care of our gardens, planting an indoor herb, flower box or just taking a walk either run the beach or somewhere in nature. The energy of nature is very grounding and balancing and something that is needed to ensure we are at peace and at one with the Universe. No matter what your occupation is in life or how stressful things may seem to be, take the time every week to immerse yourself with trees, plants, flowers, snow, sunshine and the moon.

As we move into the Age of Aquarius you need to start developing your time from the cycles of the Moon and not just the Roman Calendar. From full moon to full moon is one cycle. As the full moon goes towards the dark moon – focus on what you wish to leave your life. From dark moon to full moon focus on what you want to attract.

Be aware of the signs and coincidences from the Universe and the Angels that will let you know that no matter the circumstances that you find yourself in – all is well with your world. These could be a little insect or critter making an appearance in your life like a spider or a butterfly. A feather on your path is always a sign that all is well and that your Angels are near. Coincidences do not happen by accident, they are very positive signs from the Universe that your life is on course and that everything you are experiencing right now is bringing you greater wisdom and allowing your soul to grow.

Start being more objective on how you view your world – rather than reactive. If we allow our emotions to rule over us then we lose focus of what is really going on. As we evolve in Higher Consciousness you will find that emotional triggers will come your way at a very rapid rate – this happens to allow us to grow with inner strength and to consciously ensure that we keep the balance between the wise intellectual mind and our emotional mind. Our heart chakra is expanding like a lotus flower every time we conquer a negative fear based emotion and yes, it can be uncomfortable, but just go with the flow and allow yourself to feel without the fear.

As we start the new year, tie up all loose ends in your life. Clear out the mass mailings from your email inbox, sort out your friend lists on social media, sort of, your gallery photographs on your phone, contact people that you owe a message to. This will ensure that you create vacuums in your life by removing the dead energy, so that new and refreshed energy can be provided by the Universe moving forward. Worrying about unfinished things can take away your focus and will drain your energy. There is nothing like a fresh start to a new year. Fix what needs fixing and toss out or donate what you no longer need in your life – in your mind and in your home.

Try not to sort everyone’s life out for them – we can never know someone else’s path and sometimes discomfort is needed in someone’s life in order for them to gain wisdom and to grow. Experiencing overwhelming emotions is all part of the Age of Aquarius Shift and like regular exercise of the body, dealing with raw emotion makes us strong and builds up our inner core.

Take the time each day to spend ten minutes cut off from the day to day human reality of 3D. Some call this meditation, but all it takes is ten minutes of stillness to center yourself no matter what it is that is going on around you. It also allows the Universe to flow into your life and create miracles that are unexpected. The benefits of cutting off from life is immense as it allows you to turn inwards and connect with your soul. It also shows that you have strong Faith to just let go and release. Try it some time and watch how magic suddenly turns up in your life. It is good to let go of the steering wheel of your life and allow Spirit to pop in and guide you. Be still and listen to the sounds around you – the birds in the sky, your breathing, the thoughts that you have once you go still.

Finally – start talking to your Angels. Angels are very real and they are all around you. They cannot assist you unless you open the door of communication and ask them for assistance and guidance. Choose a beautiful candle and light it next to your bed. Turn the lights off and sit on the edge of your bed and just start talking to them. Ask Archangel Gabriel to show you the way forward and thank him for his care and guidance. You will soon see how life starts to change for the better for you. Nothing in this world is more powerful as prayer. Sometimes it takes a little while for the prayer to be answered and we forget when our life starts changing what it is that we asked for – which is why it is so important to write down our prayers in a notebook so that we understand where life is going.

This is a transforming year ahead – so know what you want to do with the 365 days that are ahead of you. Start with valuing each 24 hours and know that each day is a gift.

The world is also not out of the COVID wood right now. I have seen more COVID arguing and fighting on social media in 2020 than I have in about any other issue in the past ten years. If you have had it – well  done for getting through it and staying around to enjoy this lifetime with us. Carry on sharing your joy! If your loved ones have been called home too early for you to process – I get it – it’s super painful and the grief you will go through is a powerful and painful process whether you have lost someone to Covid-19 or not. I SEE YOU! And I feel your pain. I am but a call away to help you through your grief and confusion during this time.

1sarah6Love and Light,


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