7 Steps To Change Your Life

By Sarah: It’s now February 2022 – and having recently experienced the 2-2-2022 gateway – that continues until the 22nd February – here are some key points that can seriously change your life for the better. Some of them are from the Buddhist religion, but they have been adapted to meet the needs of those of us that are living busy lives in the 3rd Dimension but also wanting to work off karma so we can easily transition to the 5th Dimension.


Whether it is the thoughts that you think – or the cupboards that need clearing out – take the next three months to really simplify everything in your life. Each week, take on a new cupboard to clean through, your wardrobe to sort through, admin to dispose off and file.

Materialistic fulfillment is only temporary – and it does not bring happiness. Clear the clutter around you, downsize and donate.


When it comes to your thoughts – realise that YOU have the choice about what to focus on. Our minds are so busy focusing on all the input we receive in the real world AND the online world – we need to be very disciplined as to how we let our mind operate. Keep things simple. Don’t over think. And most importantly – do not allow your mind to suffer. There are many pathways to focus on when dealing with a complex situation – choose the path less cluttered and certainly do not allow your mind to wander down the path of fear.

Fear is an illusion – it does not exist except in our minds. And the journey of moving to a higher frequency vibration is to ensure that fear has no place in our lives. When you fear something – this is your white flag to jump right in and face that fear based thought or reaction.


So many people living in an online social media, rat race world do not feel an attraction to sitting cross legged, trying to clear their mind whilst burning incense and chanting “Om”.

However, meditation as I see it is a way to turn OFF the switch to reality, pull back your energy, focus inwards and thereby allow the natural ordered chaos of the Universe to sweep into your life and bring with it some miracles. We are all only human, and it’s important that we switch off sometimes and take our hands off the steering wheel of our own lives as we certainly hold on too tightly. Miracles will come your way if you release control and have Faith.

Simply ensure that every day – every single day – you take ten minutes to just STOP. Let the family know you are retreating to your bedroom for only ten minutes. When you close the bedroom door simply imagine you are in a healing chamber. Light a candle and lie down on your bed and just keep yourself busy and occupied. You can either rest your head on the pillow and day dream – or you can take ten minutes and indulge in social media. The most important thing is that you do not think or worry about ANYTHING in your life for those ten minutes. You leave that up to the Universe. You cut out for ten minutes and just turn inwards and do whatever makes you happy.

Keep this up for ten days you will start to see how your life starts to improve, issues start getting worked out – and it will help you de-stress. I cannot stress enough how important this is if you truly want to attract positive change into your life. Ten minutes every day – no matter what is happening in your life. you will also get less stressed about small things and your mind will become calmer. It’s time to unplug out of the matrix.

Scientifically, meditation changes the brain – and as our thoughts create our reality it is so important to remember to unplug. 10 minutes a day can change your life.


We have all grown up being told to respect our elders. This is so true when facing a calamity. Seek out someone older than you – as most certainly they would have been through an experience like you are experiencing right now. Each decade of our life beings with it certain lessons in wisdom and rather than being stuck in a corner or trying to fumble your way through for a solution – simply ask someone older than you or someone who has been through the same experience. Listen to seniors – they have so much experience which means they can offer countless life lessons.

Many Lightworkers/Psychics/Mediums have experienced a life with much trauma which is why they have so much compassion for others and a sense of how to skip timelines and sort out any issue very quickly. Go to them for advice. Divorce, separation, job loss, family issues, toxic parents, unexpected death – all of these things are part of our life cycle here on earth and rather than be confused and lost – turn to those who can help you. Humble yourself as the answers are always easily available – all you have to do is ask.

If you look around, there are ALWAYS insightful people to learn from.


It is so easy to judge others – it is part of our human makeup to look at others and size them up. This is simply our primitive brain kicking in assessing possible threats. However this is not helpful and limits us in so many ways.

Mindfulness is judgement free. The main part of mindful communication is to absorb everything that someone is communicating about without evaluating why they are saying it. This is true HEARING and not just listening ready to respond.


Change is not something to fear. And change is happening to us so frequently it’s important that we learn to adjust. After all – if you are using the Law of Attraction to welcome something new and fantastic into your life then change is inevitable. It is a process – it does not happen overnight and as long as you know what you are attracting towards you, do not judge the journey. Just go with the flow of things and do not doubt. You will never be tested further than you can endure.

We grow attached to this person or situations and when things change just know that this is the Law of the Universe operating in our lives. That is why living in the moment is so important – being present and slowing down time to appreciate everyone and everything that we have in our lives. When we understand that change is a natural process in life we start being less anxious and more excited about all the new possibilities coming our way.

Friends will come and go for as long as we change and grow. When we fully understand and accept that change is an essential part of our inner growth reflected in our outer reality then peace flows more easily.


Remember life doesn’t happen between our ears in the mind -but in the present and the NOW. Certainly you have gained wisdom from all the experiences you have had in life up until now – but if you have read this far in this article then you most certainly have been practicing inner work and you have to be present in the moment – which also means patience. Remember, the timing of the Universe is slightly slower than earthly timing of the 24 hour clock, so slow your life down and appreciate everything that you have and every person you come into contact with as they have met with you for a reason and a purpose.

Our minds do funny things when we live in the past or in the future – rehashing past situations or conversations and bringing a disturbance into our very being. But this is NOT reality – this is just your mind being active. Reality is happening in the now – in this present moment – so experience it all to the best of your ability.


Train and discipline your mind and thoughts to simply STOP in the moment – especially when someone or something is trying to trigger you into a negative emotional response. The idea is to have so much patience that we are aware of how we are processing everything around us. So for example – you have had an argument with your partner and they have walked out of the door and said the relationship is over. Rather than bursting into tears, freaking out, calling up all of your friends – just stop and be in the moment. Take ten seconds to balance yourself and bring about a sense of calm. Your partner was angry and disturbed – ponder on this and examine your behavior to see what caused this. Then examine their behavior. Understand it was an emotional outburst and take an hour to calm your mind.

If you start to discipline yourself to react like this, then you will find that life and reality starts becoming easier to controlling all things, it is important to have a balance – either too happy or too sad – just be.


As we navigate our way through this Ascension Portal from 2 Feb – 22 Feb – it’s important we slow down life and focus on what we want and not on what we fear – but this does take discipline of the mind. And it gets easier and easier the more you try to do this.

I am here and available to help guide you through the mind field of life whilst you clear your karmic path. Anything you wish for is within your reach – let me show you how you can manifest the life of your dreams. All you have to do is to trust in the process. No meetings of any soul are by accident. Everything has a purpose.


Much Love and Light,


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