6 Ways To Reflect On 2020 Through Tarot

By Kerstin: It was time, I felt, to sit with a Tarot deck, and coffee, and ask reflective questions about this year. A little earlier than I usually do in December. Here’s how the Tarot shone light on this year’s collective wrap-up to come:

Where do we stand as humanity?

The High Priestess 


In the central position, the High Priestess looks straight into our eyes, with just a slight turn to the shadows on her side. It’s as if she’s not quite trusting us to notice how serious she can be for all her dazzling mystery. The moon she swings on as if to bide her time is a slender sliver that will only be revealed for a short time. Her veil behind her, she reveals her knowledge of how the world works long enough for us to feverishly take note, before she’ll return to the folds of the night. Back into the unconscious, untapped space, waiting for the next time we need to be reminded of the depths of what we don’t acknowledge.

Key phrases for this reading: learning not to be ignorant, lessons to be recorded, expansion of knowledge revealed.

What is stirring us on this planet?

The Star

This Star is a dancer in this deck, bringing together our collective attention. Whereas the Priestess is mysterious the Star dazzles brightly and won’t disappear as long as we believe. She’s showing the way to focus, and direction… to gather our thoughts upwards. The pole she rotates around is a direction, a specific time and place. The rays of her light twinkle outwards in all directions and dimensions so none miss it’s reflection, and all find the goal eventually. She’s a beam, like a lighthouse on a craggy cliff, making sure to keep us safe from things unseen. By the goal we collectively set, we can feel blessed that there is a future to strive for and trust in. She is hope.

Key phrases for this reading: potentials can be realized, setting a planetary guideline, the best is yet to come.

What reminders want to come through?

Two of Pentacles

In this card, the hand, reaching out and revealing the ups and downs of changes that are hard to hold on to, also looks strong and capable, as well as flexible. The two coins are not tossed, but being entwined and exchanged, and entwined again. The idea seems to be not to be misled by the trickery of circumstantial change but to rise above it, by playing it as a game. Two represents a dual way of working, having two part-time sources, and more than one form of support. This card also juggles health and boundaries, with wealth and productivity. And it’s managing. Not thriving, but definitely surviving. There’s a sense that there’ll always be a way to substitute parts. To substitute ways of finding resources. To have unexpected fun even, in figuring things out. 

Key phrases for this reading: temporary jobs fill the gap, short-term success is still something, making ends meet.

What are we shedding?

The Wheel of Fortune

In this card, the man inside the wheel seems to look to the past just as change happens to him all around. He looks caught up in a moment of focus on something that becomes trivial, just as he’s caught up in a greater sweep of rotating surroundings. A sudden new phase, like the world-clock just announcing a new era. Just like the past, the old state is not only different from now, we wouldn’t actually accomplish anything new, without the change. This evolution is possibly better, and strangely suits our lifestyles from the inside out. We have arrived, and shed our collective erratic, unconscious planetary youth. Yes, we will step out into a new era of responsibility, but just as that looks like a burden to the young humanity, it will be simply our nature for our new selves. We need to ask ourselves what needs to change…

Key phrases for this reading: Inevitable change, a breakthrough in the majority, a major phase shift.

What do we need to bring through?

Seven of Wands

The man in this card is actively leaping forwards, eager to quickly quieten the warring of protesters in front of him. He looks as if he is trying to communicate to them before they charge and override him. It’s not their expression that seems to bother him, only their possible mob mentality. He is open handed and not using force, just symbolism and stance… a firm, individual view? A reliable path. He has something to say. Something to instruct through, to demonstrate. Something that they have not made allowance for in their actions. His actions, when they quieten to hear him, may try to help them, not limit them. Mind over weapon. But are his views correct? Does he have the right? We’re all learning to do things better through our actions, and we don’t need to remain frustrated as we can, when our turn comes, shine.

Key phrases for this reading: Debating- not fighting, developments, standing firm on actions we need to take, but remaining calm. 

Where are we headed?

Ace of Swords

This sword, one sword, looks more like a crystal than a weapon. Suspended in the midst of the grid of space and time, neither of the past nor future only, it is a focus and a solution in the present. All else pales beside it. We can collectively come through the end of 2020 knowing there is better understanding and knowledge in the future to deal with the world issues as we find them. We’re learning. We can unite, or divide. The choice is ours. But at least there is a choice. And it’s transparent. Or is there? And is it? The true Ace of Swords is given by the universe, not made by us. The Ace is received, not created. It can be found and is waiting. 

Key phrases for this reading: Uniting our efforts, allowing solutions and answers that are empowering to come through, humanity’s coming of age.


Love and Light,


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