2020 And The Astrology Of The New Year

By Barbara: The beginning of a new year, and especially a new decade, makes us focus more sharply on the future, and on the next steps of our ladder of success. But this year it might have been more difficult to do that, as there’s been so much going on around us making it hard to have time to be future focused. Two powerful eclipses, the first in late December and second mid-January, meant events around that time took on extra meaning and significance, and whatever happened in situations might stay significant for weeks, months, even years to come.


Then there was a meeting on January 12th, between two giants of the astrological world: planet Saturn and planet Pluto. These two are such slow-moving energies they hardly ever cross paths, so this was an important astrological event. Slow moving planets are about situations in our lives that are around for a long time, so this along with the big energy of the eclipses meant you likely had such a lot on your plate to deal with as January got underway that new year resolutions were put on the back burner.
Planet Saturn is about limits and boundaries, laws and restrictions. It’s about the structure and form of things, whether a building, a relationship, or a daily schedule. It’s about permission or denial, and who we give the authority to in our lives to say yes or no to us and what we want. It’s also about duty, obligation, what we feel we ‘should’ do. It’s about commitment and long-term investment.
Planet Pluto is about death, endings, rebirth, renewal, transformation and total makeover. It’s the phoenix rising from the ashes, it’s what lies deep within, or beneath, or behind closed doors. It’s the mystery of the unknown, and who or what we feel in the dark about. It’s the search for truth and it’s the treasure waiting to be revealed. Pluto is a very healing planet, as it rules Scorpio, the sign of deep healing at a cellular level.
So put these two planets together as they were for much of January (especially mid-month), and what do you have? Well, it’s about events that showed us, most likely very intensely, that the old way we had been doing things is gone, the old structure, the old familiar form of something is over, and we have to let the past go in order to move towards the new form. Maybe the events were about the truths revealed, or discoveries made that were a point of no return, and once the unknown became the known, there was no going back.
Maybe a certain situation had felt like limitation or restriction to us at times, but it was familiar and held elements of what we wanted so it was difficult to let go of. Pluto and Saturn care nothing for sentiment or nostalgia, they care about progress, evolution, and following the natural ever-moving, forward-focused process of life. Maybe January has felt like a shock to the system at times because of this, even though there’s a healing process working in there too, as ‘what was’ falling away to make way for ‘what is’ and ‘what will be’.
So don’t be too hard on yourself if your normal plans and process for the new year and for this new decade haven’t really got going yet, because it’s still the events from last December through January that are becoming the foundation and compost for the real resolutions of this year and maybe even this decade. As February gets underway, under the friendly and freedom seeking signs of Aquarius, we will be feeling more space and time for us, to take a breath and take stock and allow the new years resolutions, promises and future dreams to start taking shape and form in our lives in ways we probably didn’t imagine possible at the beginning of January.


Love and Light,
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