February 2022 Love Scopes

By Barbara: Mars meets Venus in early February, a strong indication of love and romance. They usually meet for a few days at a time, but this union lasts much of the month and is most intense around the romantic and heartfelt full moon on the 16th. Find out below what this could mean for your sign:


Love might be found in the workplace, or office romances might become more serious. Making long-term plans and commitments is top of your agenda, Aries. 


This Venus/Mars union is likely to bring significant events your way involving long distance, travel or education; so love might be a plane ride away or found through study or teaching. 



Mars meets Venus in your chart of trust and intimacy. It’s the part of your chart that deals with hot passion and deep emotions, so this is likely to be an unforgettable month for Gemini. 


Existing relationships are enhanced by the Mars/Venus meeting, and your partner is acting in ways that get your seal of approval. New relationships take off very quickly, formally or traditionally, and you’re feeling like an old married couple in no time. 


Mars meets Venus in your chart of health, fitness and daily routine, so new love might be found at the gym, out jogging or walking the dog. For established couples February is about changing daily schedules to make more time for love. 


The Mars/Venus union is in your chart of creative passion, so February is about daring to wear your heart on your sleeve and enjoying with wild abandon the fun and games that come from that (without any icky game playing of course).


This is a time of coming into perfect balance and harmony with your partner where there have been previous points of conflict, especially when it comes to home and family matters. For single Librans, new love might be linked to the past. 


It’s all about communication for you for February. Mars and Venus are helping you get your message across, and you’re feeling seen, heard and valued for your words. It’s a time to get things in writing and sign on the dotted line, if you are happy with the terms and conditions. 


It might not sound romantic, but February is about getting the practical and financial aspects of your relationship sorted, as security and stability are what you value most in a relationship right now. If you’re single, focus on this too as new love is out and about looking for the same thing as you. 


The Mars/Venus meeting happens in your sign! Which means love and romance are never far away during February. The secret is your high self-value, self-worth, and self-regard. New or old love finds this utterly irresistible in you. 


There’s a feeling of fate or destiny for you for February, so maybe this is the month you meet your twin flame or deepen a commitment with a soulmate. The secret is surrender to your intuition and go with the flow of your inner guidance. 


Those already in a relationship discover new shared dreams and goals, while new love is found through friendship, groups or gatherings. Networking and social media play a part in all this, so maybe an online romance becomes in person at last. 


Love and Light,



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