Jupiter Meets Neptune April 2022

By Barbara: There was a rare alignment of Jupiter and Neptune on April 12th, in the sign of Pisces, and the effects continue for weeks to come. You might have already noticed some of the following themes in your life, or they might just be starting to make their presence felt somehow:

Firstly, Jupiter is the planet of faith while Neptune is the planet of imagination, so these two planets mean that manifesting powers are at their height. Having faith in your hopes and dreams, or learning manifesting techniques can really pay off during this planet period. 


It’s also one of the most romantic times of the year because Neptune is the planet of unconditional and romantic love, and Jupiter is the planet of increase and abundance. Neptune is soft candlelight and red roses, it’s sweet music under sunset skies with your favorite soulmate. And if you’ve been waiting to meet your soulmate this is the right time for destiny to work its magic (and for you to work some magic with some manifesting techniques). 

Both Neptune and Jupiter are planets of spirituality. It’s a fabulous time for a spiritual journey, retreat, or development. Meditation and mindfulness, peace and quiet, especially in the healing environment of nature and the natural world, will bring replenishment and recharge batteries, but also bring insights and connection with the spiritual realm in deeper, broader ways than ever. 

Though the expressions of this energy are mainly positive, the Neptune dreams can also be a nightmare at times. Neptune is the planet of escapism or avoidance, while Jupiter can sometimes be too convinced that only its opinion or perspective matters. This also ties in to the theme of how perspective and perception is crucial to outcomes just now, as it’s all in how you see things.

And because this is a time when it’s all about the eye of the beholder, keeping things in perspective is much more challenging at the moment because Jupiter is an energy that escalates and expands things (sometimes quickly) while Neptune has no boundaries. It’s a time when misunderstandings or miscalculations can happen, and when there’s no point judging a book by its cover as things often are not as they first appeared.

That said, the positive side of this planet combo is easily dominating the energies from April and into May 2022, so make the most of the bountiful, kind, unconditional, and magical energies that are in full flow right now.


Love and Light,


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