10 Steps of letting go

We all come to the point in our lives where we realize finally we have to let go, Whether this has been you in the past, is you now, or will one day we you, we as humans can all connect to this as this is a very big part of life. Letting go and moving on to our true destined path in life.

Step one­ We loved them once, may still do, but ask yourself this, did they make us happy? Did we connect? If the answer is no, then love is not enough you need to let go as life is just too short to hold on in the name of love and sacrifice smiling each day. It helps to remind yourself of your worth, and then this makes the letting go much easier.

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Step two­ It is never easy letting go when we are so focused on this love of our past, the best way to doing so is focusing on yourself and your dreams for the future, and if you want a little distraction there is no harm in dating that hot man down the road­ have fun and liv a little­ this is always so helpful in letting go.

Step three­ Remind yourself each morning when you get out of bed and each night before you go to sleep 10 reasons why you don’t need them and why you are better off, then remind yourself of what you want t be and achieve in life­ this is always an exciting thing to do as it brings hope back.

Step four­ Don’t contact them, this is key to have no way to contact them, do not follow or friend them on social media, no email contact, delete their number, if you have no contact at all it makes the whole process that much easier, if they are not there they do not exist wallah!!

Step five­ Go on a tropical holiday, either by yourself or with a friend. if you can’t afford this then a little weekend gettaway, treat yourself this is always good medicine to letting go, travel!

Step six­ this may sound silly, but eating well and exercising help us to move on!! By doing so we ensure our bodies and spirits are in the best place possible and when we are in the best place we are most intune to what is right and what is wrong and believe it or not when he eat well and are healthy and fit we can easily let go that much faster as we have that healthy awareness that our ex is just not good for us!!!

Step seven­ Spend as much time with family and friends­ this is so important the more we are smothered with real love of a family member or a friend the more we recognize what real love is and dont get ourselves confused with fake lobe­ our ex!

Step eight­ Laughter. This is my favorite it is the absolute best medicine to getting over an ex­ laughter, watch comedies, laugh in your life day to day, smile, when we are doing so we release those endorphins that make us happy. Why would you want to go back to them? Did they make you feel as good as you do while you’re laughing now? Probably not. Problem solved. Let go. And Laugh.
Step nine­ meditation, this is a beautiful way to let go, meditation in a quiet favorite spot in your home or in a beautiful area of nature outdoors, spend 20 minutes each day doing so and you will be well on your way to letting go.

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Step 10­ Know your worth and what you want in life, recognize what you want in a man, if they don’t hold one of those qualities move on, let go and find that perfect man who is around the corner waiting! Life is just too short sometimes we need to dive in the deep end and take chance­ but if something is not working in your relationship or you just know something is not right and never has been; let go now you would be doing yourself a world of happiness­ and your future husband too ;)

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One thought on “10 Steps of letting go

  1. sheena

    I can’t let go of someone from my past. He disappeared and I pine for him as long as I live in this deadly world. I try to meet new people, but these people are guys who are shallow minded and are pervetic creepy losers who asks me to share nudes or who requests to sleep with me. What I want is love- real love, real romance, a real guy who would lay down his life for me, who would respect me, and who would give me so much love than anyone else who has love in their lives already. Will I never find the person I have been waiting for my whole life, the right person, the only one person there should be in my life?


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