You’re Manifesting Your Reality

By Laura: Do you ever feel unaligned, uninspired, unmotivated? Or perhaps lost, confused, overwhelmed, stressed? Maybe you feel exhausted, burnt-out, anxious, depressed, sad, angry, irritated, frustrated, or victimized? And you just can’t understand why you are feeling this way…

If you are like most people, you likely answered yes to many of these questions.

If that’s the case, perhaps it’s time to tune your focus inwards and use your self awareness to identify where you are giving away your power.

In this article, you will learn some simple concepts to help you step into your power and gain back control of your own mindset and emotional state, to be present, focused, and clear, and to take action from a place of alignment, to get your desired goals and outcomes in life. To create the reality that you want.


You see, your thoughts create your feelings, which then create your actions and outcomes. So you are literally manifesting and creating your own reality at all times. If you tune in to where your thoughts and emotions are directed, you can identify where you are sending your power. If you are focused on the past or the future, instead of the present moment, that is where you are sending your power, your energy, your life force…

Depending on your intentions and the vibration of your present emotional state, this can go one of two ways… For manifesting a future of your desires, sending your energy to your goals and charging them up with elevated emotions like love, gratitude, joy, and excitement, will amplify your results, and this is a highly resourceful manifestation strategy that will help to align you with your goals when done right. People do this intentionally to create the life they desire, and meditation is a great practice to do this with clear intentions and focus.

However, if instead you are worrying about whether or not you will be able to achieve your goals, and your emotions are vibrating on a frequency of anxiety, lack and scarcity, this energy will negatively effect the outcomes, and potentially push your goals and desires further away.

When you are dwelling on people, events, or situations from the past, you are sending your energy to the past, which can lead to feelings of depression. When you are worrying about your future, you are putting your energy in a future that may or may not even happen, and this will often cause anxiety and fear.

To preserve energy and live in a state of flow, it is essential to practice the power of being in the present moment. When you are truly present, you are able to channel all of your energy into the infinite now, which is all that really even exists. You feel more empowered, enlightened, peaceful, calm, focused, clear, and energized. You are no longer dividing your energy and sending it to where it is no longer/not yet relevant to you.

Here are some simple strategies to help you regain power and control of your own mindset and emotional states, to empower you towards more peace, calm, happiness, and success in life:

1. Identify Where you are Channeling your Energy on your Timeline

When left to it’s own devices, your unconscious mind will run preconditioned programs that are stored in your psyche, revisiting past experiences, memories, beliefs, habits, and behaviours that cause you to think and feel undesirable thoughts and feelings, causing you to regress energy back to the past, or to worry about potential future events, leading you to feel all sorts of confusion, frustration, anxiety, and depression.

You need to build the habit of being consciously aware of your own internal state. If you are feeling any of those undesired feelings, ask yourself if you are being present, or if your mind is focused on the past, or the future. This will help you identify where you are sending your energy and power. Then it’s up to you to use self awareness and positive intentions to bring your energy back in to you, now, in the present moment, so you can focus on the person, task, event, or situation directly in front of you.

A helpful tool is to imagine you are bringing your energy back to the present moment by drawing in breaths, breathing your energy back into your body and realigning yourself with your life force. Setting the intention to remain focused and clear on what is happening right now so that you can achieve the results that you want.

2. Bring your Awareness back to the Present Moment

Where your focus goes, your energy flows…

Focus your awareness on the infinite now. You can practice this in many different ways, and here are some simple suggestions;

• Breathwork

• Grounding

• Being in Nature

• Meditating

• Journalling

• Being Creative

• Exercising

• Playing / Inner Child Fun

• Dancing

• Singing

• Gardening

• Fulfilling Passions / Hobbies

3. Practice Gratitude

Since our thoughts create our experience of reality, it is also really important to note that we can choose our thoughts to empower our reality. So when you recognize where your thoughts are limiting you in some way, whether they are focused on past experiences, or future concerns, you can practice changing those thoughts to more empowering ones.

Let’s say for example that you have a negative thought about your experience at work yesterday, that is going to bring up some undesirable emotions that you associate with that event…

Set the intention to notice when you’re doing this, and then consciously choose to replace that thought with at least 2-3 positive things that you can be grateful for in relation to your work.

For Example;

Negative thought:

‘My boss was so rude when she didn’t acknowledge all my hard work yesterday. I really hate the way she makes me feel.’

Positive thoughts:

‘I am so grateful that I have a job that pays me well so that I can provide a happy and healthy life for me and my family. Having this job also gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment. I feel so fulfilled when I achieve successful results, whether my boss acknowledges it or not.’

You are in charge of how you feel about any given situation, and to consciously choose to create positive thoughts and feelings, even in the face of challenges, is a definitive way to regain your internal power and control, and to remain present and focused on the present moment.

This takes practice, and with time, you will build the habit and it will become second nature.


Love and Light,


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