Your Third Eye – A Gateway

By Milica: Psychics have a well developed Third Eye, but we are all created with this organ. The Third Eye is a gateway that takes one beyond the illusions of this world. You can activate your Third Eye, and nurture it and advance it if you choose to. There are different paths to activating your Third Eye, and your Third Eye can manifest many different powers.

We are created as incredible beings with incredible power manifesting potential and such a fine physical structure that functions and self heals so magically, but many don’t even consider or realize or ever get to the point of striving for their untapped potentials.

milica2 Seeing truth and seeing beyond illusions is essential for the Third Eye to function.

A large majority of the human population is caught in this world, the life based on the physical, and most people don’t really consider the fact that they have incredible potentials within them to function beyond the illusion.

The Third Eye needs to be clean to function properly. Clean of personal illusions within this area. The illusion comes in many forms. Illusion from within us that we have created, illusions placed here from birth by the environment, the society and the structure of life and the life we lived, and illusions that we are put under by others who do not come from a space of truth.

The illusions within us are based on the ego, our needs, wants, desires, aversions, fears, memories. They can pollute our Third Eye. We will see only what we want to see; we will see only how we already feel, what we already know and what we already think. These illusions are like a fog that keeps one functioning and seeing from within the ego self, the lower self.

The illusion within the society is all the things that are considered ‘the norm’, taken for granted as to how life is and how life functions – many people follow a set way of life and daily living without questioning it, many people allow themselves to believe only what the society accepts and believes, people go to the doctor instead of realising they have the power to self-heal, people have only recently started questioning food and food products and the integrity of the food business – many have unknowingly ingested all sorts of toxins into their bodies, many people base their lives on the way the society is structured and functions rather than acknowledging their deep inner selves, our lives are lived in stages and certain things are expected at certain stages of someone’s life, there are so many rules and ways of life out there, that we have been programmed out of listening to ourselves.

They used to say ‘only the strongest survive’, but, that was back in the days… now, it’s more like ‘only the smartest (most awakened) will survive’. The foods you eat create you and if you are eating genetically engineered food, know that your DNA mutates as a result and that this is all dumbing down your true potentials.

The fluoride in the water you drink encrusts your nervous system, your spine and your brain, the very nerve ‘tentacles’ become encrusted, and this is the pathway through which our nervous system functions, through the nerve endings communicating with each other. The Third Eye cannot reach its potential with a crusty shell. Think about it.

Human thoughts and emotions and experiences that are toxic also pollute our nervous system and our Third Eye. Television, media, horror movies, focuses on fear all pollute our Third Eye. Electromagnetic fields, toxic air, etc.

Question the life around you. By questioning anything from a place of integrity you are inviting truth into your Third Eye.

The Third Eye exists in the Space of Truth. First, truth with yourself, and then truth with your environment. For the Third Eye to function, you have to be able to face and accept the truth, whatever the truth is. You cannot open your Third Eye and then not want to see and accept reality. It just doesn’t work that way.

You can activate your third eye through meditation and yoga practices. Third Eye can also be activated by an enlightened master. Simply being in the presence of a high vibrational being can activate your Third Eye.


Many Blessings on your journey,

With Love,


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