Your Love Stars For 2021

By Carmel: 2021 will herald a beginning to the Aquarian Age with the planets of Mercury, Venus, Sun, Jupiter and Saturn all in Aquarius from February 2 and this burst of Aquarian influence is sure to affect your love life and your opportunities.

Aquarius is the sign of family on an extended and cosmic level, allowing for diversity and freedom in how we express our love and affection for each other, but its’ influence also encourages us to express kindness towards each other as fellow human beings and travelers on the path. Under its’ strong influence from February onwards, partnerships have a good chance of healing or reconciling if they have had challenges in the past and new partnerships could be built with a strong foundation of friendship. Eclipses in Gemini on June 10 and Sagittarius on December 4 will get us thinking about equality in love and partnerships, and encourage us to seek partners on the same intellectual wavelength so now let us look at how your Sun Sign will fare under these celestial events.


Aries- You can be the Captain of your own ship this year Aries, as you feel your way to a brand new beginning in life and love , whether you are content in your current relationships or looking to meet someone new. You could experience a sense of relief as you navigate your way into the future, and new friendships could help brighten your destiny too. Those of you who are lingering in or around connections that are no longer relevant to your future, will make a brave decision to move on, while those who are single will find your best way to meet potential new mates is in a group or intellectual endeavor with some finding there are special dates for them around June or December. Look for like minded friendships with people born under air signs like Libra or Aquarius. You should feel a lot more confident in making emotional decisions which will lead to better relations.

Taurus- Taureans have had to really work hard in the last couple of years at your relationships so you will be relieved to know that this year, you start getting the respect and appreciation you really deserve. Look for reconnections to people in the past who were important to you, and use some of the time to look up people you have lost touch with. A romantic interest could grow from someone you meet from work or a special interest you have and any partner you do find is likely to be financially stable and practical in nature. Those of you looking to increase your families may go ahead with your plan this year while others will work with a partner on special business or material goals. April and May are very important months to you, and you should find that an emotional breakthrough is possible with a significant other around the time of the Scorpio full moon on April 27th. May is an especially important month for you as well and emotionally, you will find that you are inspired to clear your path. Partners born under Scorpio or Pisces could connect closely with you this year.

Gemini- Love this year will need to fit in with the rest of your plans Geminis as you are about to have a very exciting year in most areas of your life. Nothing can hold you back but fear of the new and most of you have very little fear of that! The eclipse in Gemini on the 10th of June gives you amazing insights into your emotional and personal life and those of you who have had any areas of doubt about your self worth or your role in important relationships. Some Geminis have been facing challenges in relationships over the last couple of years and have had self confidence shaken but your natural resilience comes to the fore this year and you forge new bonds and make your goals realizable in love and romance. The eclipse in Sagittarius on December 4 will clear any doubts you have on a new relationship and you end the year on a high note. You may have significant connections with those born under Sagittarius or other Geminis.

Cancer- The Aquarian influence of this year will be really beneficial to your health and well being Cancerians and will cast a protective glow over your love life as well. You have been acting the role of mediator in the past few years and your emotional energy needs recharging, so use this period to do so and reap the benefits from. Those of you looking for love may find a new interest on the internet or via a social media outlet while those of you who have been dealing with stresses in your close personal relationships could find others are more open to fitting in with your plans from the middle of the year. The only challenge in this progressive period for you maybe the entry of a particularly stubborn person who is not willing to bend but you will find a way to deal with this energy and either step aside or detach yourself in time. A Taurus or Aquarian person could be entering your life who will become a significant part of your life soon.

Leo- Leos can roar with joy this should be one of your best years for love in a long while! Your chances of finding someone you can happily and joyfully spend your days with has just received a cosmic boost, so dust up on those dating skills! There is a chance that you will also go much further in planning your life this year and being your own best friend. Leos who are single will have a chance to really enjoy that state as the freedom you have to choose now will be important to you while those who are in couples or with a significant other will channel some energy into making quality time with your mate or your child or work on ironing out areas that need negotiation. The influence of Aquarius this year will help you to think in a different way and in the case of those of you looking to find companionship you could find someone who is very much in tune with your interests to share your blossoming out period with if that is your desire. Person born under Leo or Pisces could play a part in your life this year.

Virgo- Last year with the influence of Capricorn in the stars many Virgos were striving to move upwards in their career or lives and working very hard to do so. The influence of Aquarius will see you looking deeper into your personal relationships with positive effect which will greatly appreciated by your partner or those close to you. Your psychic side is starting to get more developed and during the year, you may find yourself having vivid dreams or insights which could assist you in your relationships. Eligible Virgos who play a valuable part in groups could find a new friendship begins to grow deeper during the year. An old friend or lover could also enter your life this year or you may find out finally what a love interest really feels about you. Geminis and Librans will connect closely to you this year. Some Virgos will decide to marry this year or celebrate their love with a special event!

Libra- Librans could find that this year brings several opportunities for love and romance with developments in the Spring or late Autumn. Some Librans may decide to tie the knot or make the final step towards a committed relationship while couples could be in for a surprise or even an addition to the family either in the form of a child or a new connection. Those Libras who are happily single may find friendship is blessed this year while those looking for love will see a person close to them in a new way or be approached by an intriguing stranger. Some Librans will find that they have matured a great deal emotionally this year and no longer feel they need anyone to complete them but are happy to share their time with quality people. Librans who are looking for a special someone, then this year should see a number of options. Cancerians and Arians may play a part in life this year as well as Aquarians. Go for Gold in love this year Libra as you may well find it!

Scorpio- Healing and transformation are two major themes of this year for Scorpions and they may find they can leave the past behind if they need to. Scorpios who are still healing from a break up will sense that the end of that time is near ,and they can look forward to new beginnings and people in their lives while those who are in couples will find a deeper link to their mates this year, and will build further on their dreams as well. Some Scorpios may meet a person who is creative and highly intelligent this year, and embark on a learning experience of an important nature with this person. Important ties could be made with those born under Pisces or Taurus. Others will work intensely with a partner to ensure more family harmony and for those who are single any new partner needs to be very family conscious to fit their bill from now on.

Sagittarius- Sagittarians will find that they have a year of potential breakthroughs on a personal and romantic level. Friendships will be as important to them as love and a friend may become a lover under this year’s stars. The year may start with communications increasing with significant others and close friends as Aquarian energy energizes social connections. Sagittarians who are single are likely to be invited to participate in social events and will charm those around them with their enthusiastic natures while couples will be busy with social invitations and expanding networking. There could be more than one person seeking their attentions, with a choice being made after the eclipse in Sagittarius on December 4. Those Sagittarians who want a new start or rebirth in their lives are likely to make a whole new life at this time and feel strong enough to clear what needs to be cleared to move on. Gemini and Virgos will feature this year as significant potential companions or loves. A lover who understands your adventurous side is on the cards for you as well.

Capricorn- Financial matters and partnership are highlighted for you this year Capricorns and some of you will decide on moving with a partner or updating some business plans in the next 6 months. There is likely to be increased opportunities for you and your partner to plan a new direction that will lead you both to greater prosperity so take the time now to put your heads and hearts together to get matters on foot. For those Capricorns who have not felt that they are happy in their current relationships, it could be an illuminating period where you will see what it is you need to do that is best for your soul’s direction, while for single Capricorns you are centered on finding a partner who shares your material and spiritual goals, and a person who is both pragmatic and romantic may have an eye on you! Important months for love are July and December. Cancerians and Scorpios will feature in your personal life.

Aquarius- From February on you realize this is going to be one of the most significant years in your life Aquarius, and only partnerships that are in tune with your soul urge to embrace life and love will stay with you! For some time now, a number of Aquarians may have felt that they have outgrown old ways and want to connect more with other evolving souls. As the zodiac Water Bearer you can be seen as complex in how you deal with love or lovers, but you always value honesty and loyalty above all else. If your mate is aligned to the progressive energy you will be weaving to achieve your dreams this year, you will stay together and new directions will quickly open to both of you. Should you be single though or looking for love, groups are your best ways to meet new friends and lovers and for Aquarius your lover must be your best friend. You will find you have a more progressive outlook on relationships this year and this will help you to heal from the past where you may have been taken for granted. Your outlook is awesome! Other Aquarians, Pisceans and Leos will play a significant role in your life.

Pisces- Ever the romantic of the zodiac, Pisces need to be loved and appreciated as we all do but you do give so much in return! You need to clear any emotional baggage you have left with you as there will be a great many opportunities to improve your life and well-being. This year sees you delving into the hidden depths of your psyche. Studying dreams or ways of healing such as Reiki or Yoga may appeal to you this year and you may involve your partner in working with you. Single Pisceans could find that they have more then one choice of a new partner but will be more certain of who they should be with after the full Moon in Virgo on February 27th. A mate born under an Earth or Air sign could feature in your life by the year’s end or those born under your own sign. You are under the influence of Aquarius the whole year, and this could help you to heal rifts with past loves as well or lead to a reconciliation in some cases.


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