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By Farrah H.: I have decided to do something a little different in this article. I would like to write a little bit about each astrological star sign and the coming month ahead predictions for each sign. The Month is April is what I will be focusing on today. Each month we take on new journeys, new beginnings and endings, ups and downs, we experience what we call the beauty of life at its darkest and most beautifully brightest points. Now I want to give you a little run down for each sign which is yours and what it may bring you in the coming weeks. Let’s Begin!

farrah3 ARIES: The coming month ahead of April is going to be your time for a new direction in the area of career. You need to stop being stubborn and start listening to a particular someone who is trying to tell you something and help you, believe it or not they are here for you and have some valuable knowledge to give you even if it does not feel that way- such knowledge can really help you career wise. Over all you have so much to look forward to and the energy surround you this coming month is incredibly powerful. Go get it!

TAURUS: A new creative streak within you is brewing. This coming month you’re going to do a lot of reflection in to the past and a lot of reminiscing. Great times are ahead and some really wonderful nights with friends and family this coming month it’s a time of appreciation, of peacefulness, and letting go of past financial worry that no longer serves you. It’s a very special time for you April.

GEMINI: It’s time to commit this coming month whether it be to that relationship you have been unsure of or to that passion you have been back and forth with and so uncertain about, you need to make a decision without so much deep thought and really flow with, go with it, chase it and do it. Life comes around once and your time is now. I cannot express this enough! Your decision will take you to some magical places.

CANCER: It’s time to let go of these emotional ties to your past, your past is your past and you have a very bright future ahead of you, April is to time for you to do this to let go and move forward to a beautiful place of self love and compassion. You will be hosting a dinner party or some similar event I see in April, enjoy it, use this time to connect with those you love, flirt, laugh and enjoy your lovely company. You will be reminded of just how loved you are.

LEO: April is a time to work on controlling your temper. You need to take it easy this those around you that you love, you are gem to them a precious person and by being aware of your words and actions, being more careful and thoughtful you will truly transform the relationships around you. You are the type of person who will give it a go and not stop till you have reached the stars. Well my friend April is the time for you to start reaching those stars.

VIRGO: You will be challenged this month with your tendency to have things tidy and organized in place. You will be challenged this coming month to let go and be a little more carefree, plans will begin to emerge this month about an up and coming holiday on the agenda for this year ahead. It’s an exciting time to express dreams and future plans as those around you will be on this same level of encouraging thought. You only live once so dream big and plan bigger!

LIBRA: April is an incredible month for you. You will see things in a new light, be able to see other points of view and sides of an argument you once were blind to. It is an extremely spiritual time where a great sense of inner balance and harmony will be felt so strongly, and a deep sureness of who you are as a person and what you truly want in life. Real self discovery and inner balance will be abundant for you in April.

SCORPIO: A very romantic month for you in April. An incredible time for connecting with the ones you love, not just in romance but also in friendship and especially family. I see you will feel very drawn to being around family this month, especially the older generations, embracing them and learning from them, storing precious memories for years to come. In regards to love I see a surprise coming from someone whether it be their opening up to you of true feelings or a gift or outing, your heart will skip a beat this month and it will have at least one moment to remember for life.

SAGITTARIUS: This is a month to stop worrying about finances. Your worry and focus in this area won’t get you anywhere. It’s a time to make a plan, to create steps to work towards this plan and begin achieving it step by step, remember money doesn’t come all at once you do need to work hard and allow time, time to grow, to learn and time to allow your money to grow too. If you have been considering some kind of investment, then this month is the time to do so.

CAPRICORN: Some deep fears within will be stirred up this month, but this stir up has come for a reason, because it’s time to let go and release all you need to- you know exactly what I am talking about. There is no better time than now to do so here in April. There is also a trip you need to go on whether it be a weekend away or a holiday it will be incredibly powerful for you at this time in life to get a change in scenery sooner rather than later- don’t delay. Treat yourself you really do deserve it.

AQUARIUS: You are in a very spiritual place within yourself at this time in life. You feel more aware, more intuitive; you’re sure of who you are as a person, and on a spiritual level. You are realizing at this time in life how short life is and how you want to make the most of the opportunities life can bring. Think deep Aquarius this month and be aware that there is no better time than now to achieve your dreams. Start with a goal and work towards this. Stop delaying, you are very good at this and more than anything stop doubting yourself. You will do amazing things.

PISCES: April is a time to explore new things and what this means is, start a new class, start to learn something new, educate yourself in the area of something you are passionate about and dream of, travel, dip into a little bit of adventure, go somewhere you have not been even if it is for a day or a few hours. Test the waters this month, give yourself a break it’s about time, you have been working so hard and often times forgetting to live within the moment. This coming month of April is YOUR TIME to live in the moment. These words I can’t express enough the importance for you Pisces, especially this month of living in the now.

Thank you for reading my 2017 predictions for the coming month of April, Each star sign is directed to help you on your life path ahead to guide you through current life obstacles and hurdles, to simply hold your hand and give you a level of understanding for where you are and what you need to do to get to where you want to be. I know they are brief as I have not had enough time or room in this article to go into depth with each one, however I am leaving it up to you if you have any questions my heart and arms are open to talking with you in deeper depth about your star sign and the future ahead in 2017. Your astrological path is a magical one and by looking into it the guidance and truth that comes forth from astrology is more often than not so accurate and life changing. Happy Reading and I look forward to connecting with you again soon 🙂


Love and light,

Farrah X

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