Why Does It Hurt?

By Sarah: If you are a regular here at Lifereader, you will obviously already be more spiritually aware than most- right?

You understand there is a force that operates in our lives and that karma is real – what you put into the world is what you get back. You are probably very kind, sensitive and intuitive too.
However, spiritually aware people are now being put through a boot camp that is hard – in your 3D human reality things have suddenly gone out of your control.
It could be a death in the family, job loss, a legal matter, a good and solid soulmate relationship ending or having a break (please read my previous article on karmic soul mates to understand this better).


These 3D human experiences are causing us tremendous heart ache, stress and worry during this time. And it’s happening because the world is moving from being a fear based and controlled society – to one where we control and indiscipline our thoughts. But to do this as humans we need to face a struggle. This is the only way human growth can happen. And yes it sucks – but you have to walk right through the mountain of pain and not take a shortcut.
It’s all going to work out – it’s just a process to allow inner growth. Turning inwards and connecting to one’s Higher Self is key.
There is a battle of Light and Dark happening right now and those of us who walk in the Light need to be strong and discipline our thoughts to co- create a beautiful and better reality for ourselves and others.
So why does it HURT so much? Well this is our heart chakra opening up to greater love like a lotus flower. It’s incredibly painful but only by facing a difficulty can this chakra open. It’s like childbirth with painful contractions – you are literally birthing a new reality for yourself. It’s totally meta-physical. 
Not all are experiencing this shift. Those who we were or are close to who  are not consciously living and creating their life are to be left alone – forcing them to dig deep and release toxic traits. They are wasting their thought power by being caught up in the fear based world.
This awakening and shift is happening everywhere. Life is changing at an incredible rate. And our energy frequency needs to be raised. We can no longer live the old ways of fear and dominant control.
Many of you will have noticed how crazy the world stage of politics and media has become – the Old Matrix is actually crumbling.
There is nothing to fear – things WILL work out – your lesson here is patience ( put your foot on the brake and slow down time – be IN the moment)
Watch out for signs you are on the right path – double or triple numbers like 11:11 or 3:33. A coincidence or synchronicity of some kind.
This experience is simply happening because now spirituality can no longer be a hobby. You have to become a courageous warrior and live more in the moment. Light a candle and ASK the Angels to guide and protect you. You have spiritual wisdom now walk on water and manifest your Miracles 
It’s all unfolding as it should so observe life, observe your feelings and face your Ego. Know this is all for the better and is only temporary. Use prayer – the most powerful tool for change that we have 
If you need some tools on how to skip timeliness and learn the lesson you are facing in a calm and relaxed manner – pop in for a chat. I have so much wisdom that I am ready to pass on – to you to help the hurting stop and to bring you understanding of your present life path. You will never be tested further than you can endure. Let your theology guide your experience.  


Much Love and Light, 


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