Why Do People Cheat ?

Why does a partner cheat? It is never easy being at the receiving end of a cheater nor is it easy being a cheater.There are many reasons for this and the causes behind cheating let’s take a look at a few.

The most common reason for cheating is when someone is unhappy within a relationship, they feel as though something is missing and they are not happy nor content, whether it be not getting along with their partner, having not enough in common or more commonly then not being bored this is usually a very common one.

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There are other reasons, such as someone not being ready for a relationship yet taking on that commitment before their time is right.This can often times cause and push one into cheating.

There are also other cases more so rare then the above when one is addicted to sexual contact with others and regardless of how much they love someone they continue to cheat with many different partners this would come under an addiction and is classified as cheating of course.

It is never easy being in a relationship when one person leaves someone for another it is a very hurtful experience, as human beings we strive to be loved, to be wanted, it is naturally built within us and to have a partner to go else where often times leads us to feel rejected unwanted and very very hurt. It is also never easy for a cheater, as often times they are more unhappy than the victim in the relationship, they are usually the people who are most unhappy and looking elsewhere for something to fill the empty spaces of their heart. After all we all deserve happiness but the best way to go about it is always open honesty rather than resorting to cheating. It’s not kind, nor responsible, it is not the right thing to do.

So if it is not right and we all know it isn’t why do we do it? People are often afraid of the truth, being truthful to their partners but more so themselves. The idea of change even though they are not happy and want change is something that scares them, people are afraid of change and have been for many thousands of years but once they take a leap of fate change is often times the blessing in disguise they were seeking all along.

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You need to understand your worth, if your partner cheats there are no exceptions, you need to realise that they need to bend over backwards in effort to earn your trust back and do what they can to prove themselves to be in your life once more, if someone is not doing so then it is your sign from above that it is time now for you to move on and take the path in life that you were always destined to you the one of happiness you deserve. You deserve to be appreciated,loved, protected, and have someone you can trust, trust is the key ingredient to a happy relationship and having a happy relationship this is the key ingredient to life.

Always remember your worth, there will be times life will test you, but if he chooses another woman then he is not yours and the man you truly deserve the one who can make you happy is not him, he is yet to come into your life. Time is precious and to waste time with a relationship that you know deep within your soul is not right- don!do it. Make change, reap the rewards of happiness. Your time is now…

Farrah x

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