Who Are You?

By Isabella: What are you? Who are you? Who do you think you are and who are you really? Are you presenting the best of you when you exit your home and engage the world? What do you lead with? When you meet a new potential lover, husband, wife, life partner or friend, what do you share about yourself? Do you lead with your woes or your triumphs? Do you lead with engaging stories that might inspire others or do you drag people down or wear them out with drama and inertia? 

You’d be surprised at how many humans lead with their hard luck stories; whether it is a cheating spouse, doctors’ visits and sickness or being broke, most people don’t realize they are doing it. I truly believe that “Whatever you hang around with you become,” and I live my life to that quote since I am the one who wrote it. If you surround yourself with broken people you become part of the narrative and eventually you will break too. If you surround yourself with angry people their anger feeds right into you. When you look at the Salem witch trials of 1692-3, you can easily see how mass hysteria led to the false accusations, convictions and deaths of people who were clearly innocent. Being around those who espouse conspiracies theories or who subscribe to the fear of anything are toxic to well-being. 


Since the 2016 election of Dictator Donald Trump many weak or damaged Americans have increasingly become dark and dependent on his barrage of lies and deceptions. They have literally given up their power to hearsay and falsehoods and have surrendered all reason. These are the very same types of people who became Scientologists and run akin to those 1000 souls who followed Jim Jones to their death in the Guyana massacre of 1978. Followers are not leaders, nor are they independent thinkers, skeptics or intelligent souls who check and verify before aligning to anyone. 

The same is applicable to those you engage with every day. The real contagion is ignorance and fear and those who subscribe to that which is not supported by facts and history are doomed to fall if they are not careful.

These days the darkness seeks to find the weak, the meager, the lost and the truth deniers. Who you befriend is as important as who you marry. Who you listen to could mean the difference between a walk in peace or a walk in turmoil and confusion. You choose it all and the universe responds to whatever you choose.

Choose kindness, choose being a good person, thoughtful, considerate of others, honest, loyal and ethical. Choose to give more than you take and choose to create a life of meaningful purpose, not one of randomness. Giving is heart healthy so is decency and walking in integrity. Why lie? Why cheat? Why be late? Why be rude? Why be unforgiving? Unless of course you like sickness and disease which is precisely what all of these create in your body. Lies are always uncovered, cheating is always discovered and being rude or unforgiving just creates negative karma and you are the one who will pay in the end for all the above. In today’s society “Karens” are all over You Tube and with so many cell phones and cameras in every city it behooves you to think before you speak or act. Don’t be caught on camera being a “Karen” it will follow you the rest of your life.

Think, pray, meditate, love yourself, love others, give, have compassion, be honest, have integrity, be kind. Be the light that glows not the darkness that consumes. It’s simple really. 

My name is Isabella and if you’d like to learn more about how to evolve, be more prosperous, attract more love and live healthier, get in touch with me. I’ve spent nearly 30 years helping others and I would love to help you.


With beams of Love, Light and Infinite Laughter,


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