When Christmas Is Poor

By Sarah: Whilst some are enjoying this period of the year, many are facing it with dread. Salaries are not lasting the month, utility bills are rising – there isn’t even the cash to buy presents never mind even decorating or buying a tree.

For many, this will be the first time you will be experiencing this feeling of despair at Christmas. On top of that you may also have lost a loved one during the year and their empty chair will bring back memories of seasons past.


Before working on this incredible psychic site Lifereader, I was a Tarot Reader who would literally spread a blanket on the pavement outside a venue and offer Readings. With 7 children, we had many Xmas that were stressful on both the emotions and on ones dignity.

Although not in an active World War – we are all under attack right now, which is affecting our spending capacity. So you need to understand this Christmas is an exception to the norm – and therefore you are choosing to move away from the traditional Coca-Cola Christmas to a period of warmth, love and connection with others.

So you can’t afford a turkey to eat maybe not even a chicken to roast. In our family, we would have a poor man’s roast – a roast without the meat – and even in their 30s the children have fond memories and often specifically ask for a poor man’s roast when they visit.

As a family, call a meeting. Explain that thankfully we are not in an actual World War, but that the effects are hitting families everywhere. That instead of being stupid and borrowing cash just to conform to a consumer day, values are going to shift this year – to take the pressure off the parents. Assure the children things will get better – because they will – and their special Christmas present will be bought in the new year sometime.

Write out vouchers for your family. Things you will offer them in 2023. Babysitting, cleaning your child’s room, an ice cream day. It’s the effort you put in.

If you can’t afford a tree, then find a beautiful tree branch. Purchase Christmas baubles and write everyone’s name on each one including digs cats and goldfish with a permanent marker or sharpie. The tree with a few bits of cheap tinsel and glitter – becomes a memorial for your family.

If you spend money on anything – spend it on yummy treats and maybe hot chocolate and marshmallows. TV is free, and with some munchies you and your family will have an enjoyable time.

Be thankful you are not living in a war torn area without electricity in the middle of winter. Go around the table and ask each person to say something they are grateful for.

This Christmas is a time to celebrate being alive and being together. Your children can start telling their friends that they are taking the pressure off their parents this year and making this period a time of family.

I have had so many Christmas where finances were scarce. Once I even tried cancelling Christmas – but you can’t- when the day comes the magical energy can be felt. I remember when I lived in Japan there was no holiday on the 25th. But still you could sense the incredible energy around the planet.

Jesus showed us that wealth does not make us a good person. His crib was a Manger with hay. The psychological explanation for us to learn from is we need nothing to be a beacon of light for others.

Take this time to put the energy into making contact with those who may need some loving. Become a listener and reach out to others For many, this season is a time of extreme sadness. So do something kind that doesn’t cost money.

Additionally, light candle and ask the Angels to guide and protect you in 2023. Next year is the year of Judgement and if you have experienced suffering this year, then next year is your year of joy.

As a family, write down 8 things you wish to manifest for next year. Fold up the piece of paper and kiss it three times and then put it away to be read in 6 months. This is how your journey of manifesting begins.

Christmas this year is not about money as money is scarce. It’s about having values and morals and standards. It’s about realizing that we are all connected. And it’s all about having snacks. Lots and lots of yummy snacks.

I am available online all through the festive season so there is no need to feel alone or isolated. I wish peace upon you and the ones you love. If you read this article – it came to you for a reason. Everyday I will light a candle and send good vibes your way for a smoother road ahead.


Love and Light,


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