What is your Purpose?

What is your Purpose? This question is bound to cross all of our minds at some point in life. Now I would like to explore this question we all have so that you have an idea of what purpose can mean, what your purpose is in order to help you with the choices you make in life. Lets begin.

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Some believe we all have a soul purpose. Others believe we have many purposes to life, and then a few believe that there is no divine purpose that life is simply what we make of it as each day comes in and rolls out. Now, all of the above do indeed hold truth. Now have you ever got to the point in your life where you have just thought is this really who I am? Is this what my life has come to? will it always be this way? Why do I feel there is something greater out there waiting for me­ have you felt this before?

The reason you may have felt this questions before is because­ your intuition has been guiding you your whole life, that inner soul, that inner light has always been guiding you, each corner you turn, each decision you make has come from most of the time within. And when you feel this way and question your purpose, don’t take this so lightly, it’ important to listen to yourself.

I had a friend close to my heart who for many years worked within a job which she thought she loved. A job which she loved the idea of, which paid well, which was a job that many would never have the opportunity to have in a lifetime. And most would think she was so very happy. But why was it, she always felt there was a hole in her heart, a missing piece to her puzzle. Thats because there was. She was not fulfilling her heart, but was fulfilling her mind­ the idea of happiness. Her biggest mistake was indeed that.

The moment my friend began to realize that her heart was not full she began to search for her soul purpose. And it was not hard to find. Your Soul purpose is what brings you most joy it is the only thing which can fill your heart with happiness and complete your puzzle. For her it
was helping others, she has always had such a kind heart and decided to dedicate her life to working for unfortunate families and children in very poor countries around the world. The moment she began doing this, was the moment she became the happiest person she had ever been. Of course she discovered since then many other purposes, just from unlocking that one initial door.

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She has saved many lives, clothed, fed children, built homes, villages, given love, met people who have changed her life, taught her lessons the list goes on and for her continues to go on to this day. The friend I had I always loved, but I always knew she had not found her purpose in life, the day she did I felt it within her before she said anything. The change in her auras energy, she was emitting happiness to me and to the world before she even spoke. Now this was her purpose, and maybe yours is the same, or it could be very different. Whatever yours is though it is waiting for you and when you find it like my dear friend your life will change.

Your purpose does not have to be big, it does not have to be a great change in career or life, it could be a slight change within, It could very well be a hobby, or something as simple as
you being a teacher to someone who needs guidance in life, many people who I have met tell me their greatest purpose is being a Mother in life. All of these no matter what they are if they are for you they will bring you great joy, that is so strong you will know.

So what are you waiting for. Why live a life half full, why not discover your purpose in life, chase your dreams, do what you can to get there, and if you feel confused and unsure about what your purpose is, take some time out in a peaceful place and listen to yourself, listen to that voice that feeling within it, because that will guide you to your purpose­ always. It may not be today it may not be tomorrow, you may not find your purpose in life for many years to
come but when you do you will be at your happiest point in life, and that is a place where we all deserve to be.

If you have any questions on your purpose in life, or wish to speak to me about any of the above or have any questions of your own, contact me Farrah on Life reader or any of the other intuitive psychics. I would be filled with joy to be able to help you find your way to that right path thats awaiting you.

Love and Light, Farrah H xx

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