What Is The 5th Dimension?

By Sarah: As many of you will be walking a spiritual path in life, you may be wondering what all the fuss and rumors are about concerning 5D living. 5D seems to be the buzzword on everyone’s lips right now and I thought it would be good to give you some insight on how moving towards 5D living happens. Many young children of today (Crystalline Children) have incarnated karma free and have been brought to the earth to teach us how to live a 5th Dimensional life. They will save our planet and be beautiful human beings all through their lives.

As with Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs that many of you would have learned about at High School – a theory of motivation which states that five categories of human needs dictate an individual’s behavior and are essential to material, emotional and spiritual growth – the same applies to the different
Dimensions in which a human being experiences reality and responds to it.
5D stands for the Fifth Dimension and Lightworkers, Healers and Psychics are explaining to others that the human psyche is now moving into 5 Dimensional living. Psychics and Mystics are accessing 7th Dimensional awareness which is why they can tap into your three main karma banks and access the information required to advise you how to  live more in love and less in duality. No meeting of any Psychic is by accident. They are on your path for a reason.


There are three areas of karma banks – Cellular, Akashik Records and Genetic. Cellular memory and Karma Banks are all our experiences good and bad in this lifetime – starting from the womb. Akashik ( meaning that of which all is formed ) are the libraries of all the experiences from all of the lifetimes in the past and the future. Genetic is knowledge and experience passed down through 7 generations. Whilst experiencing 4th Dimensional living you will be led and guided to people who will help you access and work through these karma banks.
Let me break down the different dimensions leading up to the 5th Dimension so you can understand what this is all about.
The First Dimension relates to the Earth and the Oceans – which also includes crystals and other minerals. This is the dimension in which minerals exist and experience the world. Obviously as this is the 1st Dimension – it is important that the Earth and the Oceans operate at their prime but alas- greedy humans have taken over and created an imbalance in the structure of the 1st Dimension and it is up to us who are more spiritually evolved to try and reduce that damage that has been caused. And so many of us are already doing this – even children. It’s also valuable to have crystals in  your life as they are the true wisdom keepers
The Second Dimension is the dimension of plants and it is important for a human being to be able to lower themselves into the consciousness of the 2nd Dimension in order to care for the plants and the trees around us – and to move up to level 5. A person that can do this is often referred to as having green fingers and I tell my clients to get themselves a plant that they can care for and tend to as a form of healing. To be able to be aware consciously of a plant and when it needs water and when it needs sun or shade is a tremendous gift to have. It also teaches you patience and to be aware of life around you. Give your plant a name.
The Third Dimension is the dimension human beings live in at the moment.  It is ruled by our five senses – taste, sight, smell, hearing and touch. It is sometimes called ‘solidified thought’ and it is measured by depth, length and width so it can seem very real. It is also governed by  time.  It is carbon based and has a dense vibrationary field. As it is Matter, everything moves at a slower place and is seen by many as being the reality of limitations. Because it moves so slowly, human beings do not realise the power of their own minds and the way it rules our existence simply by thought. All human beings have the power to see reality from a higher Dimension than the 3rd and thirty years ago very few could even comprehend this. But in 2021 many have started the cross over to the 4th Dimension so that they can then enter the 5th.
As we move out of the Age of Pisces (the Age of Jesus ) we are now moving into the Age of Aquarius. After thousands of years of evolution, by the 1980’s most people had forgotten not only how to connect with higher and lower dimensions – they did not even think it was possible! Of course, Mystics and Psychics have been able to access higher Dimensions but many of them were indeed feared. And here we are in 2021 understanding the Law of Manifestation and working closely with Angels and lighting candles and consulting Psychics to help us make life decisions – even on business. We have certainly progressed.
The Fourth Dimension is known as the ‘Armageddon’. This is where karma gets worked through. This happens when a human being’s reality is turned on its head. This can be caused by divorce, loss of income, an untimely death – to name but a few. It is also instigated by what some call ‘The Dark Night of the Soul’. The Ascended Masters call this plane The Astral Plane and it is where disembodied souls wander until they can truly transform into 5 Dimensional Beings – this being the Dimension of Manifestation. By disembodied souls I am referring to the human beings who find themselves lost in a shocking reality, where everything seems to go wrong and almost all hope is lost. It is a very challenging Dimension in which to exist where answers to life will not come from those of Science – but from Teachers of the Metaphysical such as Psychics, Shamans, Healers, Lightworkers.
The 4th Dimension demands that we forgive all and we make peace with our past through understanding. You can only move into 5D living when you can forgive. The frequency from the 4th Dimension provided us with a new curriculum – experiences where we had to change our lifestyles and our behaviors that may be extremely different to the ones we chose before. Friendship circles and romantic relationships will change as one outgrows the old and enters into the new. You may find that this Dimension resonates with you – either in your present or in your recent past. Upon entering the 4D reality many human beings will work through their ‘personal stuff’ and slowly the understanding of ‘Oneness’ begins to creep into their consciousness. All Human Beings at some stage will go through this Dimension as we are now in the early stages of the Age of Aquarius.
Fifth Dimension
As we move into the 5th Dimension we are introduced to new colors and sounds and a higher vibration. There is no time only space.  As a result of this new energy and vibration, a higher curriculum awaits us. Some of us will turn to social media and shine our Light – highlighting causes that we believe in, perhaps turning Vegan, saving the Oceans and Animals. Fear and negativity is no longer present and the individual will certainly have more control in controlling their thoughts towards love. This is the Dimension of manifesting – where as you think it so it occurs. This is why 4th Dimensional living is so important because until we can be trusted to have a mind trained to the positive, our thoughts can be dangerous to ourselves and others.
Lastly, to help you on your path consider a few things that will protect you as you move forward through the Dimensions.
  • Patience is key – slow life down just a little so you can be more conscious in the moment.
  • Look back over your life and forgive those who caused you harm or suffering. They have their own path to walk and unforgiveness will simply trap you in the past and to them.
  • Light a candle for the Angels for three hours and ASK the Angels to guide your life forward. Your path will then be Divinely protected.
  • Before you go to sleep at night say a three sentence prayer of thanks and what you are wanting to manifest – ensure that it hurts no one.
  • And lastly – understand that we are all one and interconnected.


Love and Light,
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