What Is Spiritual Awakening?

By Delphia: Spiritual Awakening is the “awakening” of one’s spirit. The word is commonly used to denote both the spiritual Age of Enlightenment, which covers centuries, and the current Age of Aquaticism, which covers recent decades. 

However, it often translates many Buddhist concepts and terms, most especially bodhi, satori and kensho. It is believed that all things are connected, and so everything happens with a cause and effect relationship. Spiritual Awakening is the first step in realizing the wholeness of the being.


The word spiritual awakening can be derived from the Buddhist concept of bodhicitta, which literally means “the enlightened soul.” In this concept, spiritual awakening refers to becoming more enlightened so as to achieve enlightenment for oneself and the whole humanity. It also involves becoming more receptive to life’s truth and seeking to eliminate the defects in your soul that are preventing you from being happy in life. It is possible to develop this spiritual awakening process even further by engaging in meditation sessions. The purpose of meditation is to train the mind and to eventually transform it into a state that is more receptive and understanding to life’s lessons.

However, it is important to note that spiritual awakening is not a simple matter. Even if one initiates the practice of meditation and develops the right attitude and discipline, it would still be very difficult for him or her to remove all the years of false signs and illusions from his or her soul. Thus, one has to be careful in interpreting the spiritual development. The first step that should be taken is to identify and recognize the false signs that could hinder spiritual development. Then, one has to try to remove these false signs in order to finally reach a higher level of consciousness.

In terms of spiritual awakening, it will not be easy at all. There are always things that one has to remember and keep in mind. For instance, it is important for one to try to get rid of the conditioned reflexes or emotions so that he or she can finally awaken to a new level of conscious awareness. Constant effort and perseverance are needed in this case.

In order to make the spiritual and emotional experience more effective, one has to make sure that the person does not dwell on the past but rather look towards the future. As this is done, the soul will gradually open up to the higher levels of consciousness. On the other hand, the person who starts meditating on a regular basis will eventually become more aware of the conditioned reflexes that can block his or her path to the Soul. Thus, the soul will start to manifest a higher level of spiritual awareness.

As mentioned above, there is no such thing as an automatic process that can lead you to spiritual awakening. However, there are certain steps and stages that can help a person go through these stages easily. These stages usually include: being open to the happenings around him or her, having a strong desire to go towards Spirituality, and accepting the reality of life as it really is. Being open to the happenings around you and avoiding the intellect are two of the first steps towards spiritual awakening.


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