What Are They Feeling About Me?

This has to be the most common question I get asked as a psychic reader for LIfeReader.

There are several things to consider when you are asking and wondering about someone. The number one key to successful relationships is communication. Whether it is a new relationship, or a long term one, if you are not communicating, then all sorts of issues can arise.

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If it is a new relationship or a long term one, to keep it balanced, healthy, to keep the ‘spark alive’ and to keep your new partner interested, it is wise check in with your self:

– Make sure you are keeping up with your self care routine (exercise, nature time, healthy eating, sleeping enough)

– Keep in contact with friends and family

– Continue your hobbies (if you don’t have any, it is time to find what makes your heart sing! What do you do in your spare time? What do you LOVE to do?)

Why is it important to keep up with these? When you first meet someone, it can feel like your whole world changes (usually it does!) You have found someone you want to be with, to spend our life with even and you fall in love. Relationships go through different stages. Of course when you first meet someone you want to spend time with them, yet to keep ‘your life’, keeps you and the relationship in balance. You can cancel self-care routines to spend time with this person, yet if you do this constantly, you will lose yourself in the relationship. If there is a disagreement, you fall completely apart and it is like the rug has been pulled out from under your feet. Yet, if you keep up with ‘your life’ meaning your self-care routine, keeping in contact with friends and family and continuing with your hobbies, that is your life line, not the other person, which unbalances the relationship when you rely on them to meet all your needs.

A partner in relationship, is not meant to be your be all and end all. Yes, you need support from them and give them support in return, but you also need to be okay with them not being able to be there for you. If they are going through big changes in work, or the workload has suddenly increased, they are going to be less available energetically and this can feel like a ‘hole’ and you begin wonder what they are feeling for you. Keep up with ‘your life’ routines and then create time and space to have a conversation with them about how they are feeling, what they are going through – LISTEN. Then share what you are feeling for them, what you need. Then, most important, how can you work as a team, to create time together, so you both feel supported and loved in the relationship again.

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If it is a new relationship and you haven’t spoken about how you are feeling for this new person and you are wondering what they feel about you, then there are two parts to this. One is, that you need to voice how you are feeling to this person. Tell them how you feel, tell them what you want. Then ask them how they are feeling, ask them what they want. Communication of the voice, unblocks the Throat Chakra (speaking truth), and gives your Heart’s (Giving and Receiving Love) feeling’s a voice. The second part to this, is if you are wondering how another person is feeling about you – if you have to wonder – then more than likely, this person is not for you! It can be a harsh reality, yet at the same time – when somebody wants to be with you – you will know it! They will speak to you, want to spend time with you, hang out with you, go on dates with you. You will know and you definitely won’t be wondering! It will be very clear.

So, if you are still wondering how this person feels about you, the other thing to do is check in with yourself:

– Why do I need to know how this person feels about me?

– Is there a block in my Throat Chakra that I need to voice how I am feeling towards them?

– Have I asked them how they are feeling and what they want?

– Do I need their validation and love to feel accepted and whole in myself?

– Where am I up to in my self-care routines?

– Where am I up to with my friendships and family?

– Where am I up to with my hobbies?

The reason why it is so important to keep up with ‘your life’, is that when you do these things, they nourish you, they ‘fill you up’, they make you happy. And when you are happy, you are a shining light, you are an attraction magnet and people WANT to be with you. And then you won’t be wondering how they are feeling about you anymore, you know you have spoken your Heart’s truth if you have needed to let them know how you feel and you are happy, full, complete with or without them.

With Love,


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