Why Caring About Yourself Is Important

Self-care is somewhat overlooked in today’s society, and yet it is so important to our mental, emotional and physical well-being. Without Self-Care, everything feels harder. When we are in intimate relationship, fights, arguments and break-ups occur regularly and most times, if Self-Care was honoured by both parties, life can become unstoppable as a team. If you are not in relationship, it is is imperative that your Self-Care is high to attract the loving relationship you desire. Signs that your Self-Care is low can include:

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– Tired
– Stressed out
– Negative in your responses to what anyone says to you
– Angry or yelling constantly
– Not feeling happy
– Not feeling loved
– Over-eating, over-working
– Confusion
– Wanting to leave a relationship
– Constantly expecting another to meet our needs (love, sex, money, time)

We take on other people’s emotions, energy and can have the same mannerisms as people close to us, if we are not adequately taking utmost priority of our first relationship – the one we have with ourselves. We may feel confused about an issue or feel overwhelmed with something in our lives. The first thing to do when you feel this way is to check your Self-Care levels.

So what exactly is Self-Care? This can range deeply, depending on the person and their interests, but some ideas and basics that everyone needs are:

– Bathing/showering your body, brushing your teeth, combing your hair. These are best done very consciously. We are here to be human, to be conscious of taking physical care of the basics, is a very healing thing to do. We are able to become more present with this moment in time, rather than thinking about the workload we have on today, and we are able to notice things about ourselves we may have missed before.

– Mud masks, hair care treatments, nail treatments, foot soaks, long soaks in a bath. The list is very endless here. Don’t let money stop you from taking care of yourself. These things can all be achieved with items in your kitchen cupboard if you do some research and get creative.

– Sleep. Sleep is so important. Before making any big decisions, make sure you have been sleeping well and have got enough sleep. Go to bed earlier. Even if only for 2 nights in a row a week, you will definitely notice the difference. Sleep heals everything.

– Correct Food. Now I am not talking about diet here. Yet I am talking about food in a sense of make sure you are eating properly! Our physical body needs certain vitamins, healthy fats (our brain thrives on healthy fats) and minerals for it’s sustenance to get us through the day. If you are eating lots of carbohydrates and sugar, your body is going to be running on adrenaline and constantly stressed out. Plus, we need to make sure we are eating sustainably over the day. If you are eating breakfast and then crashing in energy in the afternoon but you have not had a sustaining lunch, it may be time to seek some help. See your Naturopath, Dietician or other health professional for the correct food intake for you and take back your power around your bodies way of sustaining energy throughout the day for you.

– Yoga, Meditation, Surfing, Running, Other forms of Exercise, Walking and Being in Nature, Being Outside for periods of time. We are constantly bombarded by electronics, wifi, computers, televisions, phones. We can rarely even sleep without the neighbours wifi being in our field these days, let along a stroll along the main street of town, without wifi being in our field. It is really important to create time to spend outside in Nature to rest your energy field, that is your electromagnetic field which we all have, which get’s disturbed by all of our mod-cons. By consciously spending time in Nature (everyday is preferable – even just five conscious minutes), we are able to rest our energy field. This way, you are clear and centred and your stress hormones can relax (scientifically proven that spending time in nature, helps you to relax). Find YOUR thing that is your activity and commit to doing this minimum three times a week for a month and notice the difference you feel.

– Creative outlet. This can again, be a variety of things. Gardening, creating computer games, drawing, painting, building with wood or otherwise, creative writing, journaling, sewing, creating websites, designing dresses, cooking. Whatever you can create with your hands – do one of these things too. Find what is YOUR thing. Find what makes YOUR Heart sing.

These are just some ideas. This list can really be endless. There are entire books dedicated to Self-Care. If you are stressed out, angry, thinking of leaving your relationship because your partner is doing all these things ‘wrong’, come and have a reading with me. I can help you find out what it is you are lacking in Self-Care and we can work on a commitment plan for yourself for the next month. Once you have done this, you will feel completely different, and you will find those issues that were going on in your relationship, probably won’t matter anymore or they shift on their own and your entire relationship changes. Magic happens when we consistently make Self-Care our priority. Are you ready for the Magic to begin?

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    I am trying to let go of some habits as getting close to people can’t seem to move on


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