Calling In ‘The One’

I almost called this article, Receiving is Stillness. But – what does that even mean?! The messages that were coming through about this is that, we really need to be open to receive. It can be hard to comprehend, especially in our modern day world of 9-5 work days, staying in our head, worrying about things and constantly on the go, keeping busy. We wonder why we are not ‘getting what we ask for’, yet, the very thing that we are asking for, maybe just around the corner.

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So how do we know? How do we even know that what we want is going to happen, or even possible? We may know that we want to be with someone in a relationship, but why isn’t it happening? There are a few things to consider here.

1. Whilst yes there is a lot of information out there about visualise your perfect partner and doing all things to help create them, and whilst this is true, the most important ingredient in this is letting go. We can ask for what we want, but we must not be controlling in making it happen, we need to keep our focus in our own life and let our happiness and joy of our own life, attract a partner, rather than fish for one.

2. Get clear on your values. Without being clear on what you value in relationship, you will struggle to attract a partner. You may get a relationship, but it won’t be satisfactory. We may see the potential in a partner and get hooked on this. This can create very unbalanced and unrealistic demands in relationships which will create sadness, unmet needs and unhealthy dynamics. So, get clear on what you value in relationship – what you really want in a partner. Then, make sure – you are living this way. And don’t settle if someone comes along in the mean time. Once you get very clear what you will and will not tolerate in relationship you will be tested by the Universe, if you may, and you may get lots of options come to you at once. But trust your deep heart, knowing how clear you are in what you want, what you deserve and wait for you values to be met to that standard. Trust me – it is worth saying no to second best, to then have the Universe deliver something better than what you could’ve imagined. It is possible, it is real, so get clear now. Write you top five values down and keep them somewhere handy so you are looking at them daily. It isn’t about ‘forcing it to happen’ – but aligning with your values, coming into alignment is way more powerful than ‘trying to make it happen’.

3. Faith. Ever heard that saying – Don’t quit just before the miracle occurs? Faith is the other key ingredient in calling in your beloved. Whilst you may get trickles of signs that it is possible to receive the type of relationship you are asking for, it is important to keep the faith no matter what. Don’t settle for something that comes along just because you are lonely. The most attractive aspect of a person, is someone who knows who they are, what they deserve and are living that without hesitation. This is slightly paradox this, Faith thing, for it is when we let go of trying – that your beloved will turn up. But you must keep faith that it is possible to have what you are asking for in relationship, yet, it isn’t the right time. The time when you let go of trying and it is a definite shift in your energy, life and focus, that they will show up. I guarantee you. Walk with faith that the Universe has heard your desires and show the Universe your faith, by staying aligned with your values.

Once we have realised our values, it is easy to stay focused (unless sabotage pulls you off, which can look like a relationship coming forth that isn’t 100% aligned with your values). This staying focused on your values, can give you a sense of purpose in life and helps you to get clear on what life path and direction you want to go in. This is an important aspect to Calling In The One, because you are going to stay aligned. And when you stay aligned, The One, will turn up in your path, because you energy is aligning to your highest calling and desires. Keep the Faith – you never know what is just around the corner!

If you are not sure what your values are in relationship, give me a call or text chat, and we can gain some clarity so you can start aligning with The One for you.

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  1. Ernest Gadson

    Is it possible to do chakra work on someone without their knowledge? If so is this something that you can do, Or perhaps you may be able to refer me to someone. Thank You in advance for your assistance.

  2. Leana Aranda

    please help me. my name is leana aranda 08/29/84 and its been almost going 2 years that me and my ex Christopher Wicklund 02/06/80 have been separated. we were together for 3 years and I feel and know now that I was the cause of our break up, I took him for granted and I pushed him away, even when he tried so hard and did take care and make me happy. I was so ugly and mean and I hate myself because I lost a man that treated me like a queen . ive brought myself to this state of mind of great depression and scared because I haven’t been able to move on since him. I am my own worst enemy and I need help to move forward with my life because I don’t want to without him. help me please


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