Ways To Cleanse Your Energy

By Rani: What does it mean to cleanse your Energy?
The practice of cleansing your energy involves intentionally removing negative energy from your body. Sometimes chakras can become blocked or stagnant. As a result, symptoms such as lethargy, anxiety, confusion, and irritability may develop. Many ways exist for people to cleanse their energy. In this article, we will discuss Salt water baths, smudging, gratitude, and affirmations.

Soak in salt water

Historically, Egyptians setting out across the desert would perform a ceremony that involved burning salt on hot coals. It was done to prevent evil spirits from getting in the way of the travelers. Salt is known to help in clearing negative energy by completely absorbing it. Taking salt baths can help you de-stress and give you the relief you need, as they also help release tension from the muscles by aiding lactic acid. This will result in you feeling ultimate tranquility.


Tip: Don’t have a bathtub? It’s okay! Invest in a scrub that contains pink Himalayan or sea salt and use it in the shower.

Smudge Clearing Ceremony:
Indigenous communities in Canada and other parts of the world practice smudging as part of their cultural practices. In addition to its medical as well as practical uses, smudging has spiritual significance as well. Sacred medicines, such as sweetgrass, cedar, and sage, are usually burned in conjunction with a prayer and sage ceremony. In addition to bringing protection, it also promotes wisdom. Palo Santo is wonderful for cleansing and has a sweet aroma. Other excellent cleansing plants include mugwort and juniper.
1) Using a match, light the end of the sage bundle. When the fire catches, blow it out quickly.

2) A thin layer of smoke should envelop the lit tips of leaves as they scorch. By holding the bundle in one hand, you can direct this smoke around your body and space.

3) Concentrate your attention on the areas of your body or environment where you desire the incense to linger. Fans and feathers can also help direct smoke, but they aren’t required.

4) Arrange a ceramic dish/ashtray or abalone shell to catch the ash.

We all lead busy lives that leave little time for meditation. Consider trying gratitude. You’ll gain new ways to think. Your perspective will gain clarity with this method. This is a natural way to cleanse your energy and involves the power of thought.

Spend only a few minutes a day working on it. Most begin with five minutes a day but quickly extend this due to finding it so enriching. Take time to give thanks for everything you have during this time.

When we cultivate gratitude, we focus on what is positive in our lives at that moment. Make sure you process your negative emotions when you are experiencing them. You should also strive to see the bigger picture when experiencing unpleasant emotions. Some of a movie’s most beautiful scenes come from its saddest or most confusing moments. You will be leading a life full of positivity in no time when you master this practice!


The power of affirmations lies in their ability to motivate. These phrases assist you in focusing on the goals you want to accomplish in life. They also rewire your negative thinking patterns and in return place them with optimism. And above all affirmations can cleanse your energy.

Keep in mind that words are affirmations, so your brain interprets everything logically. When your Throat chakra is blocked, you can say to yourself, “I speak clearly and I express myself with grace”. Your brain will receive the boost it needs by hearing this affirmation about yourself. Positive affirmations can enhance your day if you restructure all negative thoughts and complaints into reflection.

Does it work?

Anything that hasn’t been scientifically proven is subject to speculation. Regardless of whether or not you believe in this, checking in with your mind, body, and spirit is always beneficial. Understanding the messages your body tries to communicate to you will be possible if you find alignment with your physical self. In order to become the person you want to be, it is important to make time for yourself. You can be the judge!

I also offer in-depth Chakra readings. I am a qualified Reiki Master and have been taught how to tap into anyone’s Chakra remotely. By doing this I am able to offer you clarity and guidance in regards to the weaknesses and strengths detected within your Chakra levels.

This is a wonderful approach to align your chakras and restore balance to your body and mind. Which results into the following outcomes:

• Overall health and well-being have improved.

• You’ll be able to repair your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional ailments more quickly and effectively.

• Heightened openness, memory, attention, and awareness are all improved.

• Positive outlook in terms of understanding, perception of behaviors and thought process.

• Increased inventiveness and resourcefulness as a result of improved perception.

• Self-esteem, self-confidence, and a sense of self-worth. Enhanced and deeper sleep, improved emotional control, and more patience.

If you would like to gain more clarity and insights in regards to your Chakra Levels feel free to visit me for a chat!


Love and Light,


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