Walking In Integrity

By Sheri: There is a saying that I share with people, ‘If you are not walking in integrity in all aspects of your life, how do you expect people to walk in integrity with you?’

Integrity can affect many aspects of your life that you are in the process of manifesting. Being out of integrity can stop your manifesting efforts in a flash and cause you to shake your head thinking that everything or everyone is against you.

I have a few examples to share with you so you can feel the essence of where this is coming from.

1sheri2 Relationships – Are you chatting it up with other people online or in person while in a relationship with someone else? Then you are totally shocked and angered when you find out your partner has been doing the same thing or starts to pull away. This happens with many that are having affairs with others. They feel that their partner is neglecting them – however, is it you neglecting your partner? What effort are you doing to make the marriage or partnership work? If you want someone else, walk away from the partnership or marriage and do not disrespect what you are in at the moment. Then you are free to pursue that which is right for you.

Money – Are you working for cash under the table whenever possible? Do you claim all your income on your taxes (even if you believe the tax system is unfair) or do you try to hide as much as possible? Then you are upset because the extra money that you are attempting to manifest for a bigger blessing, never comes. It will feel as if you are going further and further in debt or down that rabbit hole of never getting ahead.

Family – Are you making an effort to let your family know that you love them? No matter how difficult this part of life may be, it is one where if you are the bigger person, the one with integrity to love your family, even if they do not love you back, it will come through for you in different ways. You will be blessed with someone that absolutely adores you and treats you better than any negative or abusive family member ever did. The blessing will enhance who you are inside and move your forward for your Highest good.

Career – Are you giving 100% every time you go to work even though the boss or supervisor treats you as if you are second class? Are you always going to work with a smile on your face, even when it sucks the life out of you to go through those doors? Are you stealing from your work? This one is huge. It is not about stealing large amounts of money – however, if you are – stop it now! It is about stealing time by playing on your cell phone or computer. It is about stealing time by doing personal things when you are committed to the employer that issues your paycheck. Or at times it is about those supplies you bring home. Theft of time, material and occasionally money – this is where many are stuck in their careers. You are to go to work, smile on face, and give your 100% on a daily basis. If you don’t enjoy it, or it eats you up, also know when it is time to search for something better however if you are not in integrity when searching, you will end up with the same scenario again, different boss.

Health – Are you making yourself a priority in your life? Are you loving who you are as you are or are you jealous of that friend or sister or brother that seems to carry a perfect body, works out, eats right and is active? Don’t be jealous, take yourself to a point of loving yourself first, unconditionally as you are, and then if you want change… Do something about it. However, don’t tell friends that you’re working out if you’re not. Don’t tell friends there is nothing you can do to improve yourself because of your health. If you are doing this, your health will start to decline because it is what you are declaring for your life. Treat yourself with integrity and those around you. You are amazing and it is something to see in you and in others.

Gossip – This is the biggest area of non-integrity. Talking ill of others or simply standing around and listening to others talk ill of someone. This will knock you down many notches as gossip can halt all that you wish to manifest in your life because it shows that you are not in a place of goodness and purity and wanting the best for others before yourself. It shows that you are a dark person inside and it will start to affect your spirit in a huge negative way. Never stand for gossip. Walk away. If someone asks, tell them that you don’t feel right about putting someone else down. You are trying to live a positive and uplifting life. At times you may lose a friend or even a relative, however, know that the moment you aren’t there, they are talking about you as well.

Take time to look in the mirror and ask yourself, are there any areas that I am not in integrity? If the answer is yes, it is time to fix them and move forward consciously.


Blessings to you always,


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