Be Mine Valentine

By Sheri: Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and there is a lot of conversation around this day. Will I be given something from him/her? Will he/she finally be ready to make a commitment? Will cupid use his arrow to get this person to love me or profess his or her love for me?

I will not tell you if someone is going to give you a gift on Valentine’s Day simply because if they are, that is their surprise to you. Knowing in advance, that ruins the effect the giver is going to get from seeing your face or eyes or simply seeing the excitement that you have when you open it. If you need to know in advance, then you are not ready for a true commitment.

1sheri2 Commitment is about trust and allowing the other person to have their moment with you. The commitment is about love, moving forward and that child-like excitement that comes from receiving even the tiniest gift.

I have heard people (usually women) say things like, ‘well if I don’t get the ring I want, I’m walking’. I have actually told someone to let go of the person they are with because if they are this material now, this threatening, then the person’s energy will magnify to the worst possible scenario, the longer they are together.

Valentine’s Day is about love – but it does not have to be the love of a partner. It is a day that you can create a special card with a child, to send a creation to someone less fortunate to show them that someone thinks about them. It is not about the gifts – that is society’s commercialism that has come in. It is about pure, unconditional love for those around you and those that are alone.

One small child made Valentines cards, the cheap ones that come in the box, had his mother helps him and then they simply went and handed them out to people in the shelter, kids in the shelter with a parent that had absolutely nothing. The gesture was so amazing and heartwarming. This child will grow up knowing what is important in life.

And yes, there are love readings available all the time. There are those that will tell you whatever you wish to hear as your energy is so strongly emitting what your desire is, that it overrides the truth of the reading. However, a love reading is pure. The other person, they always have free will and the right to change their mind on what they want or don’t want.

Take this time to do something special for someone. Yes, do it for someone you care about, however, also do it for someone that has nothing or less than you. Make your heart warm glow and bring a wonderful karma into your life by doing this. What you give out of yourself, you will receive back multiplied if done with a clear and conscious heart.

Valentine’s Day is for love, about love and growth. Everything you do with a pure heart, it shows the goodness of who you are to others. You aren’t doing it for the fanfare, however you are doing it for the amazing feeling of being a good person. A simple ‘thank you’ from someone that does not expect a kindness, it will go miles faster than a gift.

Celebrate, enjoy yourself, love yourself and if you have no one in your life at this time, set the standard right now that you will do something nice for someone else this year and it will move mountains with even the smallest of gestures.


Blessings to you always.

Love and Light,


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