Awareness Of Your Spirit Guides

By Sheri: Everyone has spirit guides and angels that work with them on a daily basis. I do, you do, your brother, sister, parents, friends and yes, even enemies have spirit guides and angels. However, it is how each one of us chooses to listen or ignore the messages and guidance we receive that matters.

1sheri2 When I am asked a question, I listen to what I am being told or my ‘gut’ instinct from my guides and angels. It may not be the answer that a client is hoping for, however, I never question what I am given.

That is what I would like each one of you to do. Take some time each day to center yourself. Sit quiet, with no interruptions, and simply be in the moment. Breathe gently, in and out, and ask a single question. It is good to start with yes or no questions in the beginning. When you ask the question (internally) you will feel a reaction in your gut of yes or no. This is your guides responding to you.

Is it that simple? No. It takes practice to connect. Every day you commit to at least 5 minutes, 20 is ideal, to simply be in the moment, quietly breathing and zero electronics or interruptions. Allow yourself to see your third eye as you breathe. Allow yourself to be totally at one with your Higher self and then simply trust that the answers you get will be the truth of where your life is going.

You may not always get the answer you are hoping for. Do not start to think about what your gut said to you, do not start to put your heart into it, simply trust your soul (your gut). When someone says to be, ‘but I know we are soulmates’ or ‘but I just know that we have a connection’ this is the answer to look at. Soulmates or that ‘connection’ simply means that you have a past life connection of the souls in some capacity. It does not mean that you are absolutely meant to be together in this lifetime, it does not mean that because you have this deep connection, the other person has it too. They may have lived their last connection with you and finished what their lesson was and are living a new one now.

This is where the confusion of heart and thought interferes with the truth of the soul (or what your angels and guides are trying to show you).

When you start to connect with your guides on a daily basis, you will know it – unequivocally know that what you are receiving is the truth of their messages. They give you the truth, it is up to you to trust in their messages and not question them. When you learn to do that, your life changes, for the better. That person that you just knew was ‘the one’ – you can trust to let them go and the right one can come into your life. That job that you just knew was ‘the only one’ – you can trust that you were not hired because something better is coming along.

Truth and trust are what your relationship should always be with your guides and angels. If it isn’t, then you are walking on the wrong path. Shift it and spend more time just being with yourself and your inner guides until you absolutely, without a doubt know that you are getting the right messages. They are speaking to you all the time. Are you listening?


Blessings to you always,


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