Trusting Your Intuition

By Bridgette: Intuition is a reflection of accumulative experiences. The entire diversity of subjective manifestation with your psychology includes such a specific as intuition. Feeling how a situation might happen, which often results in making spontaneous decisions in life, meaning you do something quite consciously, but without thinking about the reasons for your choice and this may seem illogical or without any common sense to you or somebody else.

The information basis for making such intuitive decisions is that the basic structure of your outer space time has an objective Multiverse Reality (that is the one that consists of an infinite set of worlds) That owing to individual particularities of the configuration of your manifestation form can be very vaguely reflected in the subjective focus dynamics of your self-consciousness (allowing to irrationally involve into the selective dynamics of your perception system). A limited number of already existing versions of possible development of events and forms in the nearest future, and you observe them as “the existing versions” in the subjective “now”.


Intuition can be different. An Intuition that is altruistic has cause of high qualitative essentiality, it starts to receive one aspect of information and then realizes itself through a particular aspect. And there is also intuition, which lacks those colors and is based completely on different principles. Principles of survival, principle of ambition, the principle of power, domination over others or principle of controlling the world. The more a person receives such intuition the more he wants power and ways of manipulation over all other people. The intuition itself has two ways of manifesting. Human intuition, which defines all peculiarities and nuances of human development pathways. There is also intuition, which works for so called evil, meaning opposite to the human development path opposite to all living beings. 

Because it leads to personality isolation of understanding that existence is possible outside the physical body, such intuition creates a conception that has to take away the physical body from all people, then they will have nothing to do but to move to a new form of existence which will no longer be limited by some biological shell. It is correct, but it leads to completely different results to the appearance of self-conscious forms. In other words, there is a learning process of understanding and of a deepening of one’s possibilities of intuitive perception. There are also so-called stabilizing links to the collective unconscious, this creates additional opportunities for progressive developments to enhance the intuitive ability in order to discern. As human personality is constructed from our psychological state of mind, this does affect our intuitive insights in different ways.

Meditation is one method by which one can develop one’s intuition. By this method one can establish new neural links in the brain, it activates our neural system exactly in relation to the resonance with us “in the future” where all these neural connections are already active. This is a way of getting rid of any negativism, changing the way we see the world will affect and enhance the intuitive ability already inherent in all humans. The cognitive ability we are born with as a human does give us the ability to foresee the outcomes of our actions and their outcomes, this in itself is intuitive if we were to cultivate an altruistic approach to all actions and thoughts with the intent on the evolution of the soul.

With the intellect, it would advance us if all thoughts are directed towards the good of all living beings, for one, meditation techniques can help in the development of intuitive thinking.

Trust your Intuition and Let us give this a thought.


Blessings with Love and Light,



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