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People choose Hypnosis for many different reasons such as phobias, anxiety, obsessive behaviours and past life regression. When clients begin a course of treatment they are usually unaware that they are embarking on a journey into realms that they did not even know existed. For anyone this can be pretty daunting, let alone someone with phobias or Anxiety. To allow someone else to poke around in the unguarded mind can at first seem intimidating or even violating. Just to clarify, true hypnosis is a calm, relaxed state of mind similar to that of a daydream. A good example would be when you are driving somewhere and you reach your destination realizing you cannot remember the journey. Scary hey? Well, no not really, as even though you cannot remember the journey you were still in complete control of yourself and the car. You were perfectly safe and your reactions would be exactly the same as any other time.

Clients often say to me “I won’t lose control of myself will I?” and the answer is always the same, you will remain in complete control throughout your session. You will be totally aware of your surroundings, and any noises. Also. you can stop the session at any time if you feel scared or anxious. Whilst stage hypnosis may be very entertaining for some people, it has created the illusion that whilst under Hypnosis the therapist can make the client engage in any activity no matter how absurd it is. This simply is just not the case, no one can force you to do anything you wouldn’t normally do whilst under hypnosis.

There are only two types of people who cannot be hypnotised, and they are people under the influence of drink or drugs, or someone who does not want to be hypnotised. The reasons for this are similar in both cases. Firstly, you have to have consent from the client and secondly you would not be able to relax the person enough to hypnotise them in the first place. It would be ethically and morally wrong to try and hypnotise anyone from either group.

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During Hypnosis the therapist bypasses the conscious mind and communicates with the subconscious mind. Here is where the Akashik Records are stored. These are the records of your life and indeed past lives. The conscious mind simply does not have the capacity to store such a vast amount of information. Also the subconscious mind stores all memories from this lifetime. A good way to describe the subconscious is to liken it to a library. During Hypnosis the therapist can access memories from any point of your life or previous lifetimes. The subconscious mind only knows the truth, it cannot lie, and it sees and records events precisely. Therefore, making information accessible to the therapist.

It will depend on the initial reason for hypnosis as to how many sessions are needed. Past Life Regression is normally covered in one sessions unless the clients wish to explore further. Also, if it transpires that a phobia or behaviour is linked to a previous lifetime, then we may have to revisit that lifetime on more than one occasion.

So in future, please remember that stage hypnosis is purely for entertainment purposes and indeed nothing like real hypnosis. There is nothing to fear and when performed correctly, hypnosis is a powerful tool used to guide people towards enlightenment and freedom.

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