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Gifted psychic counselor & soul connection specialist.
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About Kirsty

Past life Regression is the autobiography of your eternal Soul which explains who you are now and why you are on earth. As a Spiritual Hypnotherapist I use this technique to help you in accessing and re-experiencing your past lives. 

This healing technique will help you in:

Understand and see your current relationship in a new light.
Release fears and anxiety which are linked to your past life  - such as hanging on to relationships which are not good for you.
Release past time traumas at the root of physical problems.   
Understand your life purpose

I also work with tarot and angel cards whilst contacting passed loved ones . I was born into a family that were very sceptical about the spirit world or anything to do with it.

I knew from a young age that I had something "extra" but didnt quite know why it was there or how to use it. Not having anyone to talk to about this or to guide me I thought it would be best to switch off from it really, as I knew my family would just think I was making it up.

I chose to ignore it for many years until I became an adult. Then the odd thing what I would call coincidence would occur. By this time I had decided just to let it be a part of my life and live with it, but still wasnt ready to develop it. 

Once I started to open up I realised I had found my calling , this was not a job it was my vocation. Very quickly I was able to receive and pass on information of passed loved ones and up coming events in peoples lives .

I started to get messages and letters of thanks from people telling me how I had changed their lives. This was amazing for me I was so honoured to be able to do this for people that had been trapped in grief. I feel that my life has evolved completely , almost like I was stopped in my tracks and guided to towards this wonderful gift which I want to share with as many people as possible. 

My abilities/Qualifications are:

Diploma in Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression.
Diploma in Counselling Skills.
Tarot Reader.

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